The DGAPR denounces RSF’s “deliberate bad faith”

The DGAPR denounces RSF’s “deliberate bad faith”

The General Delegation for Prison Administration and Reintegration (DGAPR) denounced the “deliberate bad faith” and “flagrant hostility” towards Morocco of the French organization “Reporters Without Borders” (RSF) in its treatment of case of detainee Omar Radi.

In a press release, the DGAPR indicates that “despite the publication by the management of the local prison of Tiflet 2, dated June 13, 2023, of an update concerning the allegations of the father of the detainee Omar Radi, imprisoned in the said establishment on a matter of public law, the French organization Reporters Without Borders (RSF) persisted in sticking its nose in the file by repeating the same allegations on its Internet site, without taking into account the development of prison establishment”.

In doing so, continues the same source, RSF “reveals its deliberate bad faith and its blatant hostility towards the Kingdom, even if it is a matter of common law which has nothing to do with the freedom of the press. which it prides itself on defending”.

“Everyone is aware of the far-right ideology of the founder and former president of this organization, the nature of the links and the parties that manipulate the representative of this organization in North Africa and his proven animosity towards Morocco. ”, recalls the DGAAR, before concluding that RSF has “become impartial in its treatment of all issues related to Morocco and is not qualified, neither morally nor professionally, to give lessons to the Kingdom in matters of human rights. Male “.

“The persistence in propagating untruths about the case of the aforementioned detainee, alongside the attempts of certain internal parties to claim the support of foreign organizations devoid of all credibility, will not prevent the DGAPR from fully assuming its law enforcement mission in all penitentiary establishments and on an equal footing between all prisoners, while continuing to inform public opinion whenever necessary in order to uncover and denounce false allegations aimed at damaging the image of the sector and Morocco’s reputation in terms of human rights, at home and abroad,” the statement concluded.


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