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The DGAPR condemns the allegations of French media about an alleged “ill-treatment” of the detainee TB

The General Delegation for Prison Administration and Reintegration (DGAPR) expressed, on Friday, its categorical rejection and condemnation of the unprofessional practices of a group of French media which carried allegations of alleged “mistreatment” of the detainee TB, incarcerated in the local prison El Arjat 2 in Salé, and his deprivation of medical care.

In a clarification, the DGAPR stresses that despite the clarifications provided in the press release dated May 13 on the health care provided to the detainee, by stating that he refuses to go to the external hospital dressed of the prison uniform and handcuffed as required by law, on the pretext that it “undermines his dignity”, while he was, as indicated in the press release, taken to hospital on 11 occasions, dressed in the same uniform and handcuffed for consultations or medical examinations, the aforementioned media persist in disseminating allegations and untruths.

These same media have gone so far as to convey unfounded allegations of “ill-treatment” of the detainee, which the DGAPR categorically denies, while affirming that it constantly strives to ensure humane treatment, without any discrimination, to all detainees and preserve their dignity and rights.

In this regard, the General Delegation wonders about the motives or the people who prompted the detainee’s family to mention, at this precise moment, his deprivation of medical care and his mistreatment, when it knows full well that since his incarceration, he was not the subject of any medical abuse or negligence and that she had not previously made any complaint about it.

Based on the foregoing, it is clear that the French media are aiming, through their abject manipulation of the allegations of the family of the said detainee and of certain suspected actors, to damage the image of this department and that of the country, concludes the development.



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