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The development of the new statute for teacher-researchers reaches its final phase

The elaboration of the new status of the body of teacher-researchers, which should see the light of day in the coming weeks, has reached its final phase, indicated, Monday in Rabat, the Minister of Higher Education, Scientific Research and of Innovation, Abdellatif Miraoui.

In response to a question on the place of Moroccan skills established abroad, posed by the Istiqlalian Group for Unity and Egalitarianism during the session of oral questions in the House of Representatives, Miraoui specified that a decree on the special status of the body of teacher-researchers will be drawn up to allow these skills to pass competitions and obtain positions in higher education and scientific research.

The ministry is also working on updating and promoting the International Forum for Moroccan Skills Abroad (FINCOME), which helps Moroccan universities deal with Moroccan skills, he added.

After noting that international competition in the human capital market is exacerbating current constraints, the Minister affirmed that the mobilization of Moroccan skills remains one of the priority projects for his department in accordance with the High Royal Directives calling for the mobilization and involvement of Moroccan skills in the various development programs launched by the Kingdom.

This vision is being implemented, as evidenced by the involvement of all skills in the development of the Plan to accelerate the transformation of the higher education ecosystem, scientific research and innovation, said Miraoui, noting that the organization of the Assises of the 13th region in October 2022 was an opportunity to learn about the expectations and aspirations of these skills and to identify the means to strengthen their contribution in the improving the quality and efficiency of the system.



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