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The details of a personalized offer, a tailor-made solution

To multiply the impact and meet the needs of farmers, the Al Moutmir initiative designed and implemented, more than 5 years ago, a personalized multi-service offer based on the scientific approach and on digital technology as a key lever for a resilient and sustainable agriculture.

The Al Moutmir initiative, launched by OCP in 2018, offers tailor-made products and solutions, services for the dissemination and transfer of agronomic knowledge as close as possible to farmers, technological solutions as well as a capacity building program for farmers, rural women, cooperatives and young leaders.

In a partnership approach with the Ministry of Agriculture, Maritime Fisheries, Rural Development and Water and Forests, Al Moutmir aims to enable farmers to increase their productivity and the quality of production through good technical management. of crops and the adoption of the scientific approach based on balanced crop nutrition.

His conviction is to provide farmers with the necessary tools to move from a subsistence activity to a profitable and sustainable business. The scientific approach is, moreover, at the heart of all Al Moutmir’s offers to ensure the sustainability of the initiative.

This initiative has been carried out by the UM6P, since September 2022, with a view to further anchoring the scientific approach which constitutes the essence of the initiative. The latter will thus be able to ensure the link between applied research and the agricultural ecosystem in order to contribute to the establishment of sustainable and inclusive agricultural development models in Africa and around the world.

Through its multi-service offer, the Al Moutmir team assists farmers to better understand the needs of their soils, by offering soil analyzes via the mobilization of 7 mobile laboratories. This operation can only be guaranteed if the sampling process is carried out correctly, the Al Moutmir teams thus accompany the farmers upstream in the taking of the samples and this through field training and systematic concrete demonstrations.

In addition, the use of digital technology to capitalize on the data collected at the level of mobile soil analysis laboratories is one of the strong points of this system, which aims to enrich Morocco’s soil database and provide the ecosystem with data to facilitate agricultural decision-making. It should be noted that more than 120,000 analyzes covering more than 300,000 ha have been carried out since the program was launched.

This offer is based in particular on supporting the shift from local consumption to customized fertilizers adapted to the needs of soils and crops. OCP and its partners manufacturers-distributors are continuing to support the sector by supplying the national market with regional NPK fertilizers.

The proposed formulas come from the recommendations of the Soil Fertility Map of Morocco, the result of a reference partnership between OCP and the Ministry of Agriculture and Maritime Fisheries, Rural Development and Water and Forests and supported by the scientific consortium National Institute of Agronomic Research (INRA), the Hassan II Agronomic and Veterinary Institute (IAV), and the National School of Agriculture of Meknes (ENA).

Since the launch of the program, more than 50 points of sale have been operational. The deployment of the “Smart Blender” production units has today enabled the production of more than 49,000 tons of tailor-made NPK Blend fertilizers and more than 2,000 tailor-made formulas.

Al Moutmir notably offers tailor-made support to facilitate the transfer of technologies and agricultural knowledge, which includes the program of demonstration platforms with a total available of 23,700, targeting five crop groups, which have been implemented in different provinces of the Kingdom, while this year the group is betting on more than 5,400 new platforms.

For example, the “Agritrial” digital application, set up by the Al Moutmir team, now allows the digitalization of the agronomic management of demonstration plots and the real-time feedback of detailed information on the evolution of platforms (phrenological stages, colors, stress, size, photos & videos of plants, etc.). This source of information is made available to the scientific, academic and economic ecosystem and is the subject of annual symposia within the framework of Al Moutmir Open Innovation Lab with the various players in the sector.

In addition, the PFDs program has improved yields compared to farmers’ control plots of 21% to 25% for Cereals and Legumes, 19% to 22% for olive growing and 6% 21% for vegetable crops.

On the other hand, Al Moutmir continues to support the national direct seeding program targeting 1 million hectares by 2030. This initiative is part of its efforts to support the national direct seeding plan and to contribute to the promotion of measures adaptation of Moroccan agriculture to climate change through resilient agricultural development.

To do this, 45 seeders were made available to 55 cooperatives which were responsible for deploying the program according to established specifications and in coordination with Al Moutmir agricultural engineers. This dynamic had a positive impact on the “farmer” and “community” relationship and stimulated collective decision-making. In total, these are more than 25,000 hectares that have been covered by direct seeding since the launch of the program each crop year.

He was thus able to achieve very encouraging results on the agronomic levels (Soil protection against water or wind erosion, optimization of inputs, in particular seeds, etc.), economic (reduction of costs, improvement of yields, improvement of profit margins), and environmental (Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, improvement of soil microbiology, improvement of biodiversity, etc.).

Al Moutmir has set up a multi-target and tailor-made capacity building system allowing actors to easily adopt the best agricultural practices and to project themselves towards a sustainable and sustainable agriculture. Training and capacity building programs are implemented with and for the farmer.

The program is based on four strategic levers, namely: tailor-made training, sustainability of impact through local leaders, innovation in the approach and in models and the multiplication of impact via digital.

The action plan is based on four axes: training program for farmers, training program for women “ElleMoutmir”, training program for cooperatives and training program for young leaders. More than 100,000 training, FFS, lives and webinars since the launch of the program. A digital training platform is also mobilized “Minssat attakwin 3an dou3d” to reach as many farmers as possible.

As for “Al Moutmir Souks and Moussems”, this system makes it possible to support farmers before the launch of each crop cycle, in particular by identifying their needs and supporting them in the choice of inputs and in the agricultural practices they would like. deploy to increase their yields while preserving natural resources. More than 1,900 stops of the device Souks and Moussems have been made since the launch of the program and more of 1,200 are planned for 2023.

With regard to provincial stopovers which aim to promote the Al Moutmir offer to small and medium-sized farmers, more than 45 stops on the device traveling Al Mutmir have been made since the launch of the program for the benefit of 195,000 farmers. During the 2022-2023 agricultural campaign, the Al Moutmir mobile device concerned the cultivation of olive trees, 4 stepsmore 12 Provinces affected and more than 1800 farmers beneficiaries.

On the digital level, the 100% Moroccan application, @tmar, has been able to support more than 400,000 users in their agricultural activities and assist farmers to better manage their production on a scientific basis. It now has 7 operational services (“My NPK”, “Follow my plot”, “Profitability stimulator”, “Weather”, “Market info”, “Plant doctor”, and “Financing service”).

The app [email protected] comes, for its part, to strengthen the offer of digital solutions Al Moutmir and allows the connection of the farmer to a wider market, to encourage short supply circuits and to facilitate the marketing of agricultural products and services, with more than 85,000 users since July 2022



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