The department of Nizar Baraka launches an anti-water waste campaign

Faced with the situation of water stress that Morocco is experiencing and following government decisions in this area, the Ministry of Equipment and Water is launching an awareness campaign for all citizens to fight against the waste of the water.

Morocco is in a water emergency and water resources are becoming increasingly scarce. It’s a reality. And the bad habits of some citizens mean that even more is wasted, which could lead to a serious crisis.

To this end, the department of Nizar Baraka has launched an awareness campaign entitled “ Stop wasting water in order to encourage consumers to preserve resources and guarantee the equitable distribution of water for all.

This campaign, which will be spread over two months, starting on Thursday 30 June, aims to ” sound the alarm in the face of the drought in Morocco and to make citizens aware of the urgency of the situation, explains the supervisory department.

This campaign highlights testimonials from people who talk about their current situation and the difficulty they have in finding themselves without water, in addition to the consequences of the water shortage on their daily lives.

The campaign is aimed at the entire population, both urban dwellers and people living in rural areas, but also farmers. It will be broadcast on national television and social networks with the ultimate objective of strengthening the awareness of Moroccan society to better succeed in this collective challenge in the face of the shortage of this vital resource.

In this regard, Nizar Baraka, Minister of Equipment and Water, wished to recall that beyond the numerous short and medium term measures, which have been implemented by his department to guarantee the supply populations with drinking water, today, water has become scarce and every drop counts. Responsible water consumption therefore becomes an act of citizenship and national solidarity “.

It should be noted that the Head of Government, Aziz Akhannouch chaired, on Thursday, a videoconference meeting devoted to “examination of the water situation in our country”, during which a commission was set up responsible for monitoring the implementation of the government program for the continuous supply of drinking water in all regions of the Kingdom.

Composed of all the departments concerned, under the supervision of the Ministry of Equipment and Water, the said commission will monitor the implementation of the government program for the continuous supply of drinking water in all regions of the Kingdom.

This virtual meeting was an opportunity to take stock of the various anticipatory measures that will be taken to maintain the permanent supply of drinking water in all regions of the Kingdom, said the same source. This meeting was also an opportunity to discuss the development of a communication plan aimed at raising awareness of the scarcity of water resources and how to rationalize their consumption.

On this occasion, the Head of Government stressed the importance of sensitization and the development of a collective awareness regarding the management of the scarcity of water resources and the means of rationalizing their consumption.

He also invited all the departments concerned to accelerate the sound implementation of the various programs relating to water management and to encourage investments likely to provide sustainable solutions in the production, distribution and exploitation of water, and to allow Morocco to overcome the problem of the scarcity of water resources and ensure its security at this level.



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