The democratization of Algeria, the ultimate way out for its people

The democratization of Algeria, the ultimate way out for its people

Objectives of the Hirak in Algeria, its political repercussions, the evolution of relations between Rabat and Algeria… In his latest work on Moroccan-Algerian relations, the journalist and writer Taieb Dekkar carefully analyzes the situation in Algeria since the outbreak of the Hirak in 2019. According to the analyst, the Algerian people need a democratization of their country to get rid of tyrannical power.

The Moroccan Diplomatic Club organized, Wednesday, May 31 at the National Library of Rabat, the presentation ceremony of the book on Moroccan-Algerian relations and its evolution published in two volumes by the journalist and writer Taieb Dekkar. The first called “Morocco-Algeria, mutual distrust”, published in 2014 and translated into Arabic in 2019, and the second entitled “Algeria, political instability perpetuates the break with Morocco”, published in July 2022.

Taieb Dekkar, who has spent almost ten years in Algeria, explains that he presents, in these two books, the situation of permanent political instability in Algeria for at least three decades and its negative repercussions on its relations with the Kingdom of Morocco. .

I personally think that this political and institutional instability in this country, combined with the army’s grip on power, and its involvement in the management of political affairs and its interference in domestic and foreign policy, in particular its involvement in the conflict in the Moroccan Sahara, constitutes a serious obstacle for the normalization of relations between the two countries. Long-lasting and constant standardization“, says the author in a statement to MoroccoLatestNews.

This situation of instability, he continues, also affects the construction of a united and united Maghreb, favors the dispersion of the energies and potentialities of the Maghreb, ” if I do not say that it encourages the division of the Maghreb countries, its fragmentation“.

For Taieb Dekkar, who has become more than familiar with the Algerian regime thanks to his experiences, it is now established that the military junta does not serve the interests of the Algerian people, forced into queues to get their rations. necessities, and deprived of drinking water, despite its wealth, nor those of the Maghreb.

The junta rather serves occult, neocolonial interests as well as its privileges, its rents…“, he asserted.

The author believes that ” the democratization of this country, a real democratization, carried by the Hirak, the brave people of Kabylie and the Algerian community abroad, remains the ultimate way out for the Algerian people to free themselves from a tyrannical power“.

For his part, the diplomat and former ambassador Ali Achour, tells us that it is a ” remarkable book from two points of view. Firstly because of its subject, that is to say a neighboring country, Algeria, and that country’s relations with Morocco, and secondly because of its author, who is a journalist who has a lot of experience, who has worked in Algeria, who has spent several years there and who therefore knows the country, the people and politics well“.

This is a book that will certainly be useful to readers because it contains articles that recall events that we may have forgotten or that we do not know and that will be useful to any student of diplomacy, policy, in communication and to all researchers“, concludes the diplomat.


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