The CSEFRS presents its opinions

The CSEFRS presents its opinions

The objective of the Higher Council for Education, Training and Scientific Research (CSEFRS) is to contribute to a constructive participatory reflection that anticipates the future of the national education and training system, in its global dimension and inclusive, focused on quality, equity and meritocracy, said Tuesday, the President of the Council, Habib El Malki.

The Higher Council for Education, Training and Scientific Research (CSEFRS) organized an information meeting on Tuesday July 4 to present its opinions approved by the General Assembly in response to government requests concerning legislative texts relating to the educational system.

The Council’s opinions concern the bill relating to school education, the draft decree relating to educational and professional guidance and the university council, the draft decree determining the applications of linguistic engineering in school education , vocational training and higher education.

In particular, the CSEFRS presented its opinion on the draft decree modifying and supplementing decree n° 2.04.89 of June 7, 2004, fixing the vocation of university establishments, the cycles of higher education as well as the corresponding national diplomas and the draft decree approving the notebook of national educational standards for the license cycle.

In this sense, Hamid Bouchikhi, university professor and member of the CSEFRS explains, in a statement to MoroccoLatestNews, that the Council examines these texts by relying on a referential framework which is extremely precise and rigorous, including the Constitution, the repeated Royal Guidelines and explicit on the reform of the education and training system, the strategic vision 2015-2030, drawn up by this Council and translated in 2019 into a framework law containing mandatory provisions for successive governments in terms of reforming the educational institution .

The ambition of the strategic vision and the framework law is the construction of what is called the New School. We interact with these texts from reference frameworks and we formulate very concrete and constructive observations and recommendations with the aim of contributing to the improvement of these projects submitted to us and the improvement of the performance of our educational institution, at the broad sense, for the benefit of our youth“, he clarified.

Indeed, the president of the CSEFRS, Habib El Malki, affirmed that these opinions approved by the General Assembly “sare the result of a process of meaningful discussions and contributions, as well as collective work integrating diverse opinions and viewpoints“.

El Malki also said that this extraordinary session, crowned with success, was an opportunity to strengthen the collective commitment of the Council to actively participate in the adaptation, strengthening and support of the education system, as well as to ” our vigilant interaction with all reform policies and programs, in particular those provided for by Framework Law No. 51.17, which His Majesty King Mohammed VI considers to be a binding national contractual framework“.

According to the president of the body, the requests for opinions submitted to the Council in recent months constitute one of the main questions falling within the competences of the Council as an advisory constitutional body responsible for formulating opinions for the benefit of the government and the parliament. , in accordance with legal provisions and high royal directives.

It is important to emphasize that the Board’s objective is to put in place the optimal and necessary conditions to establish the essential foundations of the New School, which constitutes the base of the 2015-2030 strategic vision. ” This makes it our main priority to guarantee the rights of current and future generations to benefit from quality, effective, equitable and realistic education, which serves the best interests of learners, whatever their level or cycle of studies. , throughout the national territory, in all regions and areas“, insists El Malki.


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