The CSEFRS holds its meeting for the review and approval of opinions

The CSEFRS holds its meeting for the review and approval of opinions

The Higher Council for Education, Training and Scientific Research (CSEFRS) held, on Monday June 19, 2023, an extraordinary meeting devoted to the examination and approval of opinions on legislative texts before submission to the Chief of the government.

This closed session is devoted in particular to the examination and approval of the Council’s draft opinions on draft law no. 59.21 relating to school education, the draft decree relating to educational and vocational guidance and to the University Council, of the draft decree setting the applications of linguistic engineering in school education, vocational training and higher education.

This concerns in particular the draft decree modifying and supplementing decree n° 2.04.89 of June 07, 2004, fixing the vocation of university establishments, the cycles of higher education as well as the corresponding national diplomas and the draft decree approving the specifications national pedagogical standards for the license cycle.

In his speech delivered on this occasion, Habib El Malki, President of the CSEFRS, specified that the holding of this session responds to the need to adopt the draft opinions and is also an opportunity to take stock of the achievements made in course of recent months.

Thanks to our perseverance, the combination of our efforts and the convergence of our reflections, I am convinced that we are moving forward resolutely towards the development of a clear vision and a roadmap which lists the actions to be carried out. , in accordance with the priorities we have chosen” , he added.

El Malki took the opportunity to recall that at these pivotal moments in the process of implementing the commitments contained in the Framework Law and the Strategic Vision 2015-2030, ” we must redouble our efforts to contribute to evaluating and improving all the projects of the education and training system, to facilitate the vigilant accompaniment of the educational reform, in a spirit of close collaboration with the stakeholders and to support the efforts to implement the proposals contained in the Strategic Vision and the provisions of the Framework Law 51.17“.

In addition, the adoption of laws, the launching of programs and major projects, the issuance of opinions or the preparation of reports only make sense ” if we are capable, each from his own position, of translating them into concrete, realistic and sustainable measures that place the learner at the heart of everyone’s concerns“, emphasizes the President of the Council.

In this sense, Habib El Malki explains, in a statement to MoroccoLatestNews, that this session is an opportunity to share with the members the first results related to the various advisory boards, to self-referral.

And to continue: It is a way of promoting dialogue and we hope that all these decrees will be suitable for everyone and that this extraordinary session will be one of the main sessions in order to be able to validate what we have already decided, that is to say the way in which we have worked and deserves that we are more than responsible because they are advisory opinions. It is a national and contractual commitment“.

For the president of the CSEFRS, advisory opinions and reports must be treated with realism, objectivity and flexibility, in compliance with the standards of the education, training and research system.
science, and by making sure to include in these documents the recommendations and remarks that the Board deems necessary to improve their quality, both in terms of the major choices that underlie them and in terms of the appropriate measures for their implementation, and this to continue to successfully meet the challenges facing the CSEFRS as a constitutional institution.

Furthermore, these advisory opinions will be submitted, in their final version, to the Head of Government, in accordance with the provisions of Articles 2 and 3 of the law relating to the CSEFRS.


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