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The Council of Israelites of Morocco “grateful” of the new organization of the Jewish community of Morocco

The Council of Jewish Communities of Morocco (CCIM) hailed with “deep gratitude and immense pride” the new measures taken following the royal decision to authorize the new organization of the Jewish community in Morocco.

The Jewish Communities of Morocco “welcome the relevance and foresight of the measures proposed for the establishment of a new organization of the Jewish Communities capable of ensuring effective and harmonious management of the Communities throughout the national territory”, indicates the CCIM.

“It is with deep gratitude and immense pride that all of the Moroccan Jewish Communities in Morocco and around the world have taken note of the Communiqué from the Royal Cabinet which reports on the Council of Ministers of July 13, 2022 chaired by His Majesty the King Mohammed VI, May God Preserve Him »indicated the general secretary of the CCIM, Serge Berdugo.

These new measures, he says, have been the subject of “consultations of qualified representatives of the Jewish Community, respond to the wishes of the Jews of Morocco, from here and elsewhere, to find their place in the concert of the nation in order to bring their stone to the construction of a Morocco united and peaceful, dynamic and prosperous, within its legitimate ancestral borders”.

The device will “under the umbrella of the Commander of the Faithful, to ensure the preservation of the sacred values ​​of Moroccan Judaism and the rehabilitation and promotion of the material and immaterial cultural heritage of the Hebrew tributary of the rich Moroccan Civilization”, adds the CCIM.

The device will allow the Jewish community of Morocco and its diaspora “a framework that will allow them to further strengthen ties with the Kingdom and to get involved fervently in the defense of national causes”.

These new measures, presented by the Minister of the Interior, consist of the creation of 3 major institutions for the Jewish community: the National Council of the Moroccan Jewish Community, the Commission for Moroccan Jews Abroad and the Moroccan Judaism Foundation .

They stem from the instructions of King Mohammed VI, who has strengthened ties with the Moroccan Jewish community and its diaspora. In 2019, he gave his instructions to the Minister of the Interior to organize elections for representative bodies of Moroccan Jewish communities, which had not taken place since 1969.




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