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The confinement of illegal migrants in containers worries the Civil Guard

The situation of Moroccans who manage to cross, illegally, beyond the fence of the Sebta enclave is worrying. According to the local press, which describes the journey of three young Moroccans who were able to cross the border illegally towards Sebta on board a Kayak, underlines that they ended up, in the end, in a container while waiting to be returned to the motherland.

According to local media, Faro de Ceuta“, illegal migrants who arrive have crossed the border, either by land or sea, are directly transferred to a container or a “ Bunker“, where they remain locked up for hours while waiting for the Moroccan authorities to accept their deportation to Morocco.

The worst part of this situation is the conditions of confinement of its illegal immigrants. According to the same media, it is a container that contains a single mesh window, without a minimum of packaging ” which allows them a little dignity“, emphasizes the media.

The same source specifies that its Moroccan irregular migrants are sometimes forced to stay in this container, which is near Tarajal beach, for long hours, sometimes exceeding 15 hours. This mostly coincides with night hours.

But not only ! El Faro de Ceuta stresses that the number of hours that migrants spend inside this container depends on the approval of the Moroccan authorities who must give their consent to receive them, stressing that these operations usually stop at five o’clock. of the evening. This means that any immigrant entering the city of Sebta after this time will not be expelled until the next morning, the media points out.

This new condition for the confinement of illegal Moroccan immigrants is the subject of a wide controversy between city officials and the Civil Guard, which is responsible for placing them in its containers. The Spanish Civil Guard has thus expressed its fear of being responsible for accidents inside this container since it brings together many people at the same time and for long hours.

For his part, the representative of the government of Madrid in the Spanish enclave of Sebta refuses to comment on this question and its legal legitimacy, reports the same media, while the political parties have chosen silence, at a time when the There is concern among members of the Civil Guard who must carry out orders, raises the same source.

It should be noted that the city of Sebta has seen, in recent days, the arrival of dozens of immigrants of different nationalities, including 7 Moroccans who were able to cross, last week, by swimming, taking advantage of stable weather conditions, coinciding with a relatively high temperature.



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