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The common space between Rabat and Madrid has always been the nursery of a rich and multifaceted civilization

The common space uniting Morocco and Spain has always been the nursery where a rich and multifaceted civilization has developed, indicated Mustafa Amadjar, Director of Communication and Public Relations at the Ministry of Youth, Culture and of Communications.

”History testifies that, thanks to their open personality, the societies of the two countries clearly contributed to a rich civilization, which then moved through multiple channels, in various directions: towards Europe, towards the depths towards Latin America and towards the Orient”, noted Amadjar during the presentation ceremony of the novel “Vejerinlove”, by the Spanish writer and journalist Yolanda Aldón, held on Friday in Cadiz.

”In all these places, our values ​​and our cultures interacted and then gave birth to a rich civilizational heritage, reflected in different ways of life and different creative, literary and artistic forms,” argued the Moroccan official at this meeting. meeting, which took place in the presence of several Andalusian politicians and Moroccan and Spanish intellectuals and journalists.

In this sense, Amadjar stressed that the relations between the two countries are currently going through an “excellent moment and good harmony”, thanks to the will of His Majesty King Mohammed VI and His Majesty Felipe VI to further strengthen them, emphasizing the importance of engaging in a bilateral agenda that puts cultural cooperation at the forefront.

“Culture and communication can help expand, strengthen and diversify the network of human relations, which we need to make stronger political and economic relations that are already excellent,” he said.

In this respect, noted Amadjar, Yolanda Aldon’s novel, which is part of the rapprochement between the two countries, ”provides a clear response to the challenges posed by ignorance, prejudice and misunderstanding of our reality and dynamics that run through our two societies and that are diffused through different media and sometimes obscure our relations”.

”We must continue to work together, because we have a lot to gain if we manage to make this shared space a common space of coexistence, development, social and cultural progress, based on our heritage and our history and turned towards a promising future,” he concluded.

”VejerinLove” is a travel book in form and content. It expresses ”in a different way” the mixture of prose and verse in an attempt to reflect the beauty of the city of Vejer, through its customs and museums, addressing themes such as love, disenchantment , history, equality, meditation and reflection.



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