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The commitment of the Ennajah Foundation rewarded

New consecration for the Ennajah Foundation. Created in 2019 on the initiative of SANLAM Morocco, this organization working to promote the education of disadvantaged children, the fight against school dropout, poverty and social exclusion, won the “Trophy of Innovation society”, during the 21st edition of the “Trophées de l’Assurance”.

For Aïcha Lebsir, Director General of the Foundation, who received the prestigious distinction, “this prize is both an honor for all our teams and a real recognition of the efforts made by the Foundation to promote education and the fight against school dropout”.

And to add that “This award reinforces the Foundation in its strategy with a strong social impact, targeting the most vulnerable populations and responding in a concrete way to their needs”.

A total of 21 Trophies were awarded for different categories, during this annual event, in the presence of several personalities from the business world and the insurance and reinsurance ecosystem in Morocco.

Among the nominees, SANLAM Morocco, which won the “Product Innovation Trophy” for its “School Continuity Insurance” offer, launched in September 2022.

The “Insurance Trophies”, awarded each year by a multi-sector and multi-disciplinary jury, pay tribute to the action and commitment of insurance professionals, concerned about the safety of their policyholders.

Depending on the category, each trophy rewards the innovative character, the relevance of the innovation, the response to a new need and the benefit for the final target.

Gather all the chances of success

The Ennajah Foundation’s main missions are to promote the education of underprivileged children, to fight against school dropout, poverty and social exclusion. Created by SANLAM Morocco in 2019, it carries out various actions in the field, providing direct support to the most deprived populations, particularly in rural or remote areas of Morocco, and contributing to efforts to combat all forms of precariousness or exclusion.

The Ennajah Foundation places the promotion of education and the fight against school dropout at the heart of its priorities, by placing its action within the framework of an approach for equitable and sustainable socio-economic development.

Thus, the Ennajah Foundation works today for the deployment of a vast program of actions articulated around several axes such as the restoration of schools and boarding schools; the upgrading of computer equipment in targeted schools, civic and environmental awareness and the integration of young people through sport.

In addition, its teams regularly invest in local actions, for the benefit of associations committed to disadvantaged populations in different regions of the Kingdom.



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