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The collective scientific work “Risk reduction. The manifesto” presented in Casablanca

Focused on the health policy of tomorrow, the collective scientific work “Risk reduction. The manifesto ”, written under the direction of doctor Imane Kendili and professors Jallal Toufiq and Abdelhak Najib, was presented Tuesday in Casablanca.

The 350-page book, which has just been published by Editions Orion, contains a selection of several skills whose know-how and expertise are proven, through a series of studies, in-depth, explanatory, sometimes didactic texts, in simple language, to reach the greatest number of readers in Morocco and abroad.

Over hundreds of pages, it is a complete overview of risk reduction in the health field, offered to both the medical profession and citizens, anxious to have books on hand. benchmark able to help them better protect themselves and get through the serious health and human crises that threaten the planet.

The objective of this book is to answer many questions that not only patients ask themselves, but also specialists, each in his field of expertise.

In this context, the co-author and former Minister of Health, Anass Doukkali, indicated that “The concept of risk reduction, which has been closely linked to limiting the risk of infection among drug users, has now been extended to other aspects of public health”.

His contribution, he said, “Focused on the issue of policies and strategies that aim to reduce the risk of diseases that constitute a significant burden of disease around the world, requiring risk factor reduction and management policies”.

He cited, to this end, the global Covid-19 pandemic, noting that emerging diseases today constitute a major risk and a threat to public health.

For his part, the co-author, writer, editor and journalist, Abdelhak Najib, said that this collective work gives voice to 25 sensitivities from all sides, not only in medicine, but also in sociology, in philosophy. , culture and anthropology to shed light during this difficult period of the coronavirus.

“We decided with a group of friends, journalists, doctors and researchers from Morocco and outside Morocco, to bring together all these skills around a common project, that of a reflection on the meaning of reduction risks in the world we live in ”, he emphasizes.

It is, according to him, to explain the concept of risk reduction, the means of prevention, and the methods to be put in place to fight effectively against various public health issues, such as the Covid, which also has repercussions on society, human relations and mental health.

For his part, the co-author, Imane Kendili, psychiatrist, addictologist and writer, stressed that the book was released in French this month, while an English version is scheduled for next September, explaining that it brings together around thirty people from various specialties and expertise to talk about risk reduction, which has existed for more than 30 years.

“The reduction of risks in post-covid is apprehended, because it is the barrier measures which have made it possible to manage the health crisis, so as not to arrive downstream which is much more complicated at serious risks”, she continued.

Kendili has, moreover, made it known that the writing of this book is a Moroccan initiative, with the presence of several foreign skills.




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