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The CNEM seizes Abdellatif Miraoui

The recent case of probable cheating in the medical competition which broke out on social networks, caused more than one to react. Indeed, baccalaureate holders in the middle of the medical competition, organized on July 29, exchanged the questions and answers of the medical admission competition on a Whatssap group as several images show. A case that has angered academics, but also medical students, considered the Moroccan elite.

Not having appreciated this maneuver “unhealthy to access one of the most respectable and difficult professions in the world, because it is about people’s lives, the National Commission of Students in Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy (CNEM) seized via correspondence , whose MoroccoLatestNews UK holds a copy, the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Abellatif Miraoui.

Initially, the CNEM claims to have followed the conditions for passing the entrance examination to the faculties of general medicine, dentistry, and pharmacy, organized in the four corners of the Kingdom, and which was marked by ” the lowering of the selection threshold, as in the past two years, in parallel with the significant increase in new arrivals, which required the sector to mobilize more than usual logistical and human resources“, Can we read in the press release from the CNEM.

While denouncing what circulates on the RS concerning a ” probable flight of the subjects of the competition, unprecedented in the history of the competition for access to medical faculties known for its integrity and sense of organization, and which damages the reputation of the faculty“, the CNEM considers that these “ serious overruns, if confirmed, undermine the principle of equal opportunities guaranteed by the Moroccan Constitution“.

In this sense, the CNEMA denounced these “shameful acts and all the subversive initiatives that have no connection, neither with the Moroccan citizen, nor the Moroccan student, nor the Moroccan doctor and pharmacist or even the professor and laureate, who are the example of perseverance, the dedication and loyalty, values ​​that must not be destroyed by childish acts that harm the dignity and reputation of the faculty”.

In view of “the urgency of taking immediate and repressive measures in order to guarantee the principle of equal opportunities and preserve the reputation of national competitive examinations for public faculties”the CNEM called in its letter to Minister Miraoui, to interact with this problem

The coordination proposes in this sense to open an urgent investigation to ensure the veracity of the publications shared and the allegations of cheating in the contest, while assuming its responsibilities if these allegations prove to be true, while applying all the legal and administrative procedures to prosecute the persons involved in this case. The CNEM also calls on the Minister to hold the perpetrators of these acts responsible, and even to reorganize the competition if necessary.

Similarly, the CNEM calls on the Minister to review the conditions and procedures for access to medical faculties from next year, guaranteeing the principle of fairness and equal opportunity, and adopting a quality approach before quantity, in order to guarantee training that meets the needs of Moroccan society.




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