The CNDP chooses ExcelWay to equip its agile transformation

The CNDP chooses ExcelWay to equip its agile transformation

The National Commission for Personal Data Protection (CNDP) announces that it has taken a new step towards the modernization of its practices by selecting ExcelWay, the agile project management software platform produced by the Moroccan publisher Bsuccess.

This collaboration is based on a shared vision of data sovereignty in Morocco, with a double objective: to accelerate the agile service-oriented transformation while guaranteeing the protection of personal data, indicates the Commission in a press release, indicating that it thus becomes the first Moroccan public institution to use ExcelWay.

Offer a modern collaborative platform, 100% Moroccan, and whose entire data and applications are hosted on a sovereign cloud. This is the value proposition that has met the needs and expectations of the CNDP, we add.

“The CNDP forces its organization to be at the service of citizens, administrations and businesses. It thus acquires the tools that will enable it to achieve this objective. ExcelWay is one of them”, declared Omar Seghrouchni, President of the CNDP, quoted in the press release.

Often compared to the French giant Klaxoon, the American Clickup or the Israeli, the Moroccan solution nevertheless brings a major innovation to the market by combining an essential element of agile transformation: the facilitation of intelligence methods collective, according to the same source.

“You can’t transform the organizational culture if you don’t touch the way talent collaborates to innovate, solve problems or build strategies,” said ExcelWay co-founder Sophia Benhaddou. Thanks to its innovation, ExcelWay has been recognized internationally as “Best Innovative Company in the MENA Region” by the international network TIE Women.

At the national level, the Digital Development Agency has selected ExcelWay among the best Moroccan startups to highlight during the first edition of GITEX Africa, the statement concludes.


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