the CEO of Sonatrach banned from leaving the territory

the CEO of Sonatrach banned from leaving the territory

Algeria is a country that does not stop doing hara-kiri by attacking if necessary and according to the mood of the senile Muppets show made in Algeria, to its very elite.

Nobody escapes at the whim of the two senile in childbirth next door, neither general of the very “noble” ANP, nor journalist of a submissive press, however caressing in the best sense of the hair, nor even businessman like the ex-boss of the Algerian group Cevital, Issad Rebrab tenth fortune of Africa and other Algerian luminaries who just because of their mere existence disturb the power to death dicta torial in place East of Eden.

It is that in these people, being endowed, to a rare degree, with qualities that the reason of the senile regime of Algiers does not know, nor does it understand, it is not possible to live in harmony with the “new Algeria” wanted and decided by the duo in layers of Algiers. Last episode to date if we stick to the friend Abdou Semmar, another undesirable of the senile regime of Algiers, sacrificed to death on the altar of free expression, Toufik Hakkar, “the CEO of Sonatrach”, national hydrocarbon company and economic lung of Algeria, the company which allows the country to earn up to 98% of its foreign currency and which greatly contributes to the economic security of the 46 million Algerian women and Algerians“, was banned from leaving Algerian territory.

Eh yes ! the man in charge of the destiny of Sonatrach despite his “good and loyal services” can no longer travel or even accompany the President of the Republic, with an unpronounceable name, “on his most strategic presidential trips such as these last two state visits to Russia and China because he is subject… to a ban on leaving the national territory”, confirmed the founder of Algérie Part, Abdou Semmar. The latter exiled in France and sentenced by the court of Dar El Beida in Algiers to capital punishment, and who is the subject of an international arrest warrant is categorical. According to Abdou Semmar, who is very familiar with Sonatrach’s affairs, since that is where his misadventures began, Toufik Hakkar, “is cited and involved in a case of corruption and financial embezzlement which is currently and unofficially investigated by the Algerian security services. An investigation that takes place in the greatest secrecy and in total opacity thus preventing any leak of information.

Algeria Part continues in its analysis that “the attracted protectors of Toufik Hakkar, namely the most influential adviser of the Presidential Palace of El-Mouradia, Boualem Boualem (who strangely did not put himself in the infinitive by exception, for the good cause of the senile regime of Algiers) and other eminent members of the presidential clan, would try”, according to media investigations, “to save the head of their protege by avoiding legal proceedings which will inevitably cause his dismissal from the general management of Sonatrach”.

This “immoral” configuration according to Algérie Part “carries enormous damage to the most sensitive economic interests of Algeria because the repeated absences of the CEO of Sonatrach alongside the Head of State discredit it and send a very bad signal to the country’s most important foreign partners. Indeed, how can major foreign investors trust Algeria and agree to significant wealth-creating investments if chronic instability reigns at the highest peak of the Algerian state? asks the media.

And to continue, “what investor will be able to put his money in a country where the CEO of the most strategic of the only public company that creates wealth is under investigation and can no longer travel to conduct discussions in favor of national economic interests? “. The Director of Publication of Algérie Part, Abdou Semmar, by exposing these questions which reveal the irrational functioning of the current Algerian power, puts a flea in the ear and pushes to wonder how a president who has only fossil energy to argue, moreover, is in management at Sonatrach, can lug around in countries like China and Russia, his so-called best allies and Turkey without having in his luggage a key man supposed to be able to sell a fatal junk and to the smooth running of the country.

But that is known in the East of Eden, all the leaders of Sonatrach end up paying their passage at the head of this company. They are constantly grazing on the excellent straw from the Algerian jails provided free of charge by the senile regime which “governs” the country. A moula nouba!


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