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The Casablanca Stock Exchange hosts the 24th annual ASEA conference

The Casablanca Stock Exchange will host the 24th annual conference of the African Securities Exchanges Association (ASEA), scheduled in digital mode, on November 24 and 25.

a joint press release from the Casablanca Stock Exchange and the ASEA, indicates that this edition, placed under the theme “Financial markets, essential engines of the emergence of Africa”, will shed light on the role of capital markets and African stock exchanges in accelerating the post-Covid19 economic recovery and financing the continent’s governments and infrastructure.

In this sense, several avenues will be explored, in particular, “how to help public enterprises to finance their development and to diversify their sources of financing?” “” How to mobilize the necessary capital to help SMEs to develop and create business opportunities and jobs? “And” how to support structural transformations and African economic integration and encourage innovation and financial inclusion? ”, The press release said.

To do this, continues the same source, this 24th edition will bring together many experts from the financial and stock market sectors as well as international opinion leaders. They will address topical issues, such as the development of capital markets, African economic integration, disruptive technologies and impact investing, with the participation of eminent key players in the development of financial markets. African capital and entities that support the growth of financial services in the region.

“The pandemic has overturned most (if not all) of the progress that had been made on the continent over the past decade. This also includes the developments of the capital markets which, conversely, has not yet been fully demystified ”, indicated, on this occasion, the president of the ASEA, Edoh Amenounve, quoted by the press release.

“However, like other regional players, we must not relax our efforts. Stock market activity remains essential to finance the continent’s growth. As such, I look forward to welcoming you all to this year’s ASEA annual conference, ”he said.

For his part, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Casablanca Stock Exchange, Kamal Mokdad, stressed that “in the current pandemic context, this 24th conference will highlight the capacity of African capital markets to contribute to the recovery. economic development of the continent and to finance its development ”. “We are therefore honored to host the annual ASEA conference and to participate, alongside our counterparts, in identifying Africa’s economic growth paths,” he added.




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