The Casablanca Stock Exchange ends in the negative

The Casablanca Stock Exchange ends in the negative

The Casablanca Stock Exchange closed its trade on Monday in negative territory, the MASI having lost 0.32%, to 11,755.83 points (pts).

The MASI.20, an index comprising the 20 most liquid stocks, fell by 0.43%, to 953.36 pts, and the MASI.ESG, the index of companies with the best ESG rating, as published by Moody’s ESG Solutions, lost ground by 0.27%, to 882.77 pts. Conversely, the MASI Mid and Small Cap, thematic index which calculates the performance of the prices of small and medium-sized companies listed on the Casablanca Stock Exchange, rose by 0.14%, to 937.58 pts.

The FTSE CSE Morocco 15, made up of the 15 main securities of the Casablanca Stock Exchange, classified by market capitalization, and the FTSE CSE Morocco All-Liquid, a benchmark index which traces the performance of all liquid securities on the Stock Exchange, fell respectively 0.6%, to 10,844.48 pts and 0.5%, to 9,833.05 pts.

At the sectoral level, the chemical index showed the strongest increase (+3.05%), ahead of the mining index (+2.44%), and the engineering and industrial capital goods index (+1.16%).

The leisure and hotel index showed the largest drop (-1.64%), followed by the distributors index (-1.51%), and the real estate participation and promotion index (-1.36%).

The overall volume of trade was 107.26 million dirhams (MDH) made entirely on the Central Market (Shares). In terms of the most active values, TGCC comes first with a transactional flow of 35.34 MDH, ahead of Bcp (14.67 MDH) and Label Vie (10.83 MDH). As for market capitalization, it exceeded 608.59 billion dirhams (MMDH).

As for values, Involys (-2.8% to 93.31 dirhams (DH)), Alliances (-2.33% to 84 DH), Afriquia Gaz (-2% to 4,400 DH), Aluminum du Maroc (-1.96% to 1,350 DH) and Label Vie (-1.71% to 4,600 DH) recorded the largest declines.

On the other hand, the biggest increases were made by Minière Touissit (+3.6% to 1,985 DH), Snep (+3.29% to 565 DH), Fenie Brossette (+3.23% to 114.95 DH), Ib Maroc.Com (+2.86% to 27 DH) and Cartier Saada (+2.55% to 24.97 DH).


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