The Casablanca Stock Exchange ends in the green this April

The Casablanca Stock Exchange closed the month of April sharply higher, the index of all values, the Masi, taking 2.49% to 13,136.65 points (pts).

For the 21 sessions of this month, the Morocco Stock Index 20 (MSI 20), an index comprising the 20 most liquid stocks, rose, for its part, by 2.64% to 1,064.51 pts. Still in the red, the annual performances (YTD) of these two indices are placed at -1.66% and -1.95% respectively.

For its part, the benchmark Environment, Social and Governance index “Casablanca ESG 10” gained 2.69% to 988.73 points (-0.93% in YTD).

At the end of this month, the Casablanca rating saw 17 sector indices end up, against only 6 down.

Thus, the “Leisure and Hotels” index, represented by Risma, achieved the best sectoral performance of the month (+17.65%), ahead of that of “Real Estate Participation and Development” (+11.75%) and that of “Mines” (+10.33%).

Also on the rise, the “Telecommunications” sector gained 3.55 and that of “Banks” advanced by 0.89%.

On the losing side, the index of “Holding companies and holding companies” fell by 4.32%, the largest sectoral drop, followed by “Finance company in other financial activities” with -3.46%, ” Pharmaceutical industry” (-3.17%) and “Insurance” (-1.30%).

The overall volume of trade reached nearly 2.43 billion dirhams (MMDH), including 2.22 billion MAD on the central market (equities). Cosumar was the most active instrument of the month with 282.10 million dirhams (MDH) of transactions, followed by Alliance with 237.56 MDH and Attijariwafa Bank with 219.13 MDH.

Regarding market capitalization, it amounted to 685.03 billion dirhams. The biggest increases were made by Timar (+19.05% to 1,750 DH), Risma (+17.65% to 120 DH), M2M Group (17.43% to 840 DH), Alliances (+17.13 % at 74.95 DH) and Sonasid (14.56% at 850 DH).

On the other hand, the heaviest falls were recorded by Eqdom (-11.37% to 1,247 DH), Maghreb Oxygène (-11.10% to 320.50 DH), Fenie Brossette (-10% to 126 DH), IB (-5.61% to 31.15 DH) and Involys (-5.41% to 104 DH).



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