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The Casablanca Stock Exchange ends down

The Casablanca Stock Exchange closed sharply lower on Wednesday, its main index, the Masi lost 1.12% to 12,025.51 points (pts) at closing.

The Morocco Stock Index (MSI 20), an index grouping the 20 most liquid stocks, dropped 1.24% to 968.3 pts and the Casablanca ESG 10, a thematic index which calculates the performance of the prices of socially responsible companies, fell fell by 0.79% to 904.72 pts.

On the international side, the FTSE CSE Morocco 15 and the FTSE CSE Morocco All-Liquid lost 1.18% to 11,190.26 pts and 1.1% to 10,142.05 pts respectively.

In terms of values, 18 sectors of the 23 represented on the Casablanca coast closed in the red, against 2 up, while the remaining 3 showed no change.

Thus, the real estate participation and development index showed the largest drop (-4.89%), weighed down by Alliances (-5.99%), Douja Prom Addoha (-4.94%) and Res Dar Saada ( -2.21%).

The hardware, software and computer services sector lost 4.81%, that of forestry and paper lost 3.6% and that of agrifood/production -2.74%.

On the upside, the pharmaceutical industry index rose 0.66% and that of oil and gas gained 0.01%.

For this day, the overall volume of trade amounted to 395.15 million dirhams (MDH), including 243.54 MDH made on the central market (shares) and 136.48 MDH on the block market ( shares).

In terms of the most active values, Attijariwafa Bank drained 99.5 MDH, Itissalat Al-Maghrib 25.48 MDH and Cosumar 24.21 MDH.

Market capitalization stood at nearly 630.51 billion dirhams (MMDH).

On the securities front, Ib Maroc.Com (-5.99% to 31.86 DH), Alliances (-5.99% to 60.78 DH), HPS (-5.81% to 5,540 DH), Douja Prom Addoha (-4.94% to 7.7 MAD) and Cosumar (-3.99% to 213 MDH) showed the biggest drops.

On the other hand, Stokvis Nord Afrique and Afric Industries achieved the highest increases, with respectively +4.33% to 13.97 DH and +2.83% to 363 DH.

In addition, Ennakl gained 1.61% to 33.4 DH, Zellidja S. A advanced by 1.12% to 84 DH and Sothema took 0.72% to 1,400 DH.




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