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The Casablanca Stock Exchange closes slightly higher

The Casablanca Stock Exchange closed its exchanges on Monday, up slightly, driven in particular by the good performance of the “Forestry & papers” and “Chemicals” sectors. The Masi index thus closed with a gain of 0.03% to 12,887.71 points. The MSI20 rose 0.06% to 1,053.95 points and the Madex gained 0.02% to 10,478.70 points.

The Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) “Casablanca ESG 10” benchmark index improved by 0.20% to 970.36 points.

Internationally, the FTSE CSE Morocco 15 gained 0.08% to 12,203.26 points, while the FTSE Morocco All-Liquid lost 0.06% to 10,979.01 points.

The rating owes this positive trend, in particular, to the performance of the “Forestry & Papers” sector (+ 3.98%) which benefited from the rise of its unique title “Med Paper”.

The “Chemicals” sector also stood out with an increase of 2.33%, benefiting from the increase in its “Snep” title.

On the other hand, the “Real estate participation and promotion” sector closed in negative territory with a decrease of 3.30%.

The overall volume of securities trading stood at MAD 199.539 million (MDH), while the market capitalization amounted to MAD 663.29 billion (MDH).

The largest increases were achieved by Med Paper (3.98%), Stokvis Nord Afrique (+ 3.97%), Atlantasanad (+ 3.07%), Fenie Brossette (+ 3.01%), and Snep ( 2.45%). The biggest drops were recorded by Alliances and Douja Addoha (-3.98%), M2M Group (-3.61%), Minire Touissit (-2.48%), and CIH (-2.05%).

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