The Casablanca Stock Exchange closes in good shape

The Casablanca Stock Exchange closed Tuesday’s session in positive territory, driven in particular by the good performance of the “Forestry and paper”, “Electricity” and “Engineering and industrial equipment” sectors.

At the final bell, the index of all stocks, Masi, rose 0.36% to 13,169.39 points. The MSI20, for its part, rose 0.34% to 1,078.79 points and the Madex also gained 0.38% to 10,709.19 points.

The benchmark Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) “Casablanca ESG 10” index appreciated by 0.26% to 990.48 points.

Internationally, the FTSE CSE Morocco 15 gained 0.36% to 12,507.64 points and the FTSE Morocco All-Liquid advanced 0.38% to 11,229.81 points.

From a sector perspective, 12 indexes finished well, against 8 down, while four sectors showed no change. The “Forestry and Paper” sector posted the best performance of the day (+ 3.98%), thanks to the good performance of Med Paper (+ 3.98%).

Driven by the performance of its unique title Taqa Morocco, the “Electricity” sector index ended with a gain of 2.59%. Likewise, the “Engineering and industrial equipment goods” sector, represented by Stroc Industrie, grew by 2.37%.

Also on the rise, the “Oil and Gas” sector rose 1.3%, that of “Insurance” 1.26% and that of “Chemicals” 0.60%.

On the losing side, “Utilities” fell 4%, “Transportation” fell 1.88% and “Hardware, software and IT services” dropped 1.72%.

At the end of this day, the overall volume of securities trading stood at 160.048 million dirhams (MDH). Market capitalization amounted to nearly 667.080 billion dirhams (MMDH).

The largest increases were achieved by Med Paper (3.98%), SM Monétique (3.96%), Stroc Industrie (3.86%), Stokvis Nord Afrique (3.27%) and IB ( 3.05%).

The largest declines were recorded by Microdata (-4%), Lydec (-4%), SMI (-3.99%), HPS (-1.97%) and CTM (-1.95%).



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