The Casablanca Council is struggling to end it

At the beginning of his mandate as mayor of the economic capital of the Kingdom, Nabila Rmili promised to give back to Casablanca its glory and its beauty. Among the measures announced by the president of the city council, putting an end to the circulation of animal carts in the white city.

The City Council of Casablanca and the Ministry of the Interior are moving towards the adoption of a decree prohibiting the circulation of carts drawn by animals in the urban space (…) We no longer accept see carts being pulled by animals in circulation in Casablanca, qualified as a smart city”, had deplored in October on Twitter, Nabila Rmili, the president of the Council of the city of Casablanca, during the ordinary session of the Council.

A tweet that disappeared a few hours or a few days later, and a measure that is struggling to materialize in a monster city like Casablanca, according to the continuous circulation of its carts in the middle of the metropolis. The services of the municipality of Casablanca have apparently had difficulty in intervening to put an end to this scourge of carts, in particular at the level of the prefectures of Hay Hassani, Sidi Moumen and Moulay Rachid where the concentration of its carts remains important.

Even the city center of the economic capital has not escaped the presence of animal-drawn carts, which impede traffic and the fluidity of traffic in certain intersections, not to mention the obstruction of the circulation of trams, in addition to the negative image that is made of the city.

In a statement toMoroccoLatestNewsthe civilian actor, Aziz Shaeq, operating in the prefecture of Sidi Moumen, explained that the neighborhood in which he lives is full of animal-drawn carts, noting that “the presence of these vehicles confirms the failure of the city council to fight against the phenomenon, and therefore the falsity of the slogans brandished by the mayor of the city“.

In this sense, the activist called on the municipal council of the city of Casablanca to deal with the proliferation of these carts which hinder traffic, citing the neighborhood as an example “Tacharouk who is experiencing a major demonstration of his carts and other scourges that give a bad image of the financial center of the kingdom“.

For other ecologists, the density of vehicle traffic in the metropolis is more dangerous for the environment than the traffic of its carts, which they consider “ecological and non-polluting like cars“. A point that does not find unanimity among Casablanca residents who want to see animal carts disappear.


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