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The bar of 16 dh for diesel and 18 dh for gasoline will soon be crossed

It is a new increase in prices at the pump that was expected. After three increases in the space of a month, the month of June is ending in style with the price of diesel which reached 15.97 dirhams per liter on Wednesday against 17.70 dirhams per liter of gasoline. Experts have even predicted that gasoline pump prices will reach 20 dhs/l soon.

In detail, the increase concerns especially the price of diesel, with variations around 36 cents per litre. The price of gasoline remained unchanged except for a few minor variations depending on the distributors.

If in Europe, countries like Germany have the oil giants in their sights, which they suspect of taking advantage of the rise in prices and the reduction in taxes to fill their pockets, we continue for our part to try to convince themselves that the economic recovery and the war in Ukraine are the main reasons behind this increase in prices at the pump and that the profit margin of companies has not changed for decades, when everything shows the opposite.

The only concrete measure was the financial support granted by the state road transport professionals to preserve the prices of transport of goods and citizens.

For those who have chosen to travel in their car, they only have to bear the costs,” government spokesman Mustapa Baitas clearly stated two months ago.

That said, this support granted to road transport professionals has had no impact on the price of goods and basic necessities, which continue to climb.

The road transport professionals themselves seem not to be convinced that this subsidy is the solution, and are seriously brandishing the threat of a strike after Aid Al-Adha.




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