The authorities refuse the holding of the concert of the French rapper Ninho

The authorities refuse the holding of the concert of the French rapper Ninho

The authorities of the city of Casablanca have rejected the request for authorization to hold the concert of the French rapper ” Ninho“, which was to take place on June 24 at the Mohammed V Sports Complex, learned MoroccoLatestNews from a reliable source.

According to a document obtained by MoroccoLatestNewsthe Pasha, head of the urban district of Maârif, sent a letter to the director of the Mohammed V sports complex in Casablanca, indicating to him that the request for the organization of the Ninho concert in the covered hall of the complex in question, was not accepted.

The same source pointed out that all the members of the security committee expressed their refusal to organize the concert during their security meeting held on May 25, 2023 at the headquarters of the prefecture of the provinces of Casablanca-Anfa.

The Pasha, Mohammed Dawabi, therefore asked the director of the complex to inform those responsible for the concert of the French rapper of the decision taken by the security committee.

MoroccoLatestNews attempted to contact the organizers of the Ninho concert for information on the reasons for the refusal, but did not receive a response.

It should be mentioned that the rapper Ninho presented a show in Casablanca last year where he met his Moroccan audience. The rapper, whose albums are the best-selling in France, attracted a large audience during this concert in the metropolis.

It should be noted that the concert of French rapper Booba was also canceled recently following the great controversy that followed on social networks and the virulent campaign led by Moroccan activists who called for a boycott in because of his offensive remarks towards Moroccan women.


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