The Atlas Lionesses ready to fight a real battle

The Atlas Lionesses ready to fight a real battle

Morocco’s women’s football team is ready to fight a real battle, or even achieve a feat, against their German counterpart in their first match of the World Cup, coach Reynald Pedros said on Sunday.

“Today, I think we are ready for a real battle and to face this exceptional team. We prepared for a feat,” said Reynald Pedros during the pre-match press conference.

“We know this German team, we know that all of its players play at a very high level, but we have been preparing since June 12 for this first World Cup match and we said with the staff and the players that we would be ready, “said the national coach, for whom the enthusiasm of the Atlas Lionesses can prevail over the experience of the Germans.

“Indeed we have a difficult first match, but it’s so exciting to play this German team which is vice-champion of Europe and which takes part in this World Cup to win it”, he indicated.

“We want to be there so much that it predominates over the fact that we are playing a team that is normally far superior to us,” said the technician, adding that “in the desire and the determination, we must certainly be better than this team, because it’s the first World Cup match we’ve played”

“What I want to say to my players is that there are three matches and after this first match, whether the result is negative or positive, we will have to play the other two to qualify,” said Reynald Pedros.

“So today, we are going there with a lot of desire and determination and we are preparing for this match with a lot of serenity,” he insists.

The Atlas Lionesses face Germany for the first day of Group H on Monday at Melbourne Rectangular Stadium (09:30 GMT+1). This group also includes South Korea and Colombia who play at Sydney Football Stadium on Tuesday (03:00 GMT+1).


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