The artist Abdellatif Hilal is no more

Moroccan artist Abdellatif Hilal died Thursday morning in Casablanca at the age of 82, after a long battle with illness, lamented the Ministry of Youth, Culture and Communication.

Born in Casablanca in 1940, the deceased was “one of the pioneers of Moroccan theater” and “was part of the artists of the second generation of the theatrical movement in Morocco”, wrote the ministry on its website. The late Hilal’s first appearance was with amateurs, before he turned professional in 1967 with the late Tayeb Sadikki’s Masrah Annas (People’s Theater) troupe, the same source added.

The artist Abdellatif Hilal has evolved in theatre, cinema and television. “He managed to distinguish himself on the theatrical scene” with many works, including “Khourafate Al Meskine, Al Seffoudde, and Badiâ Al Zaman al Hamdani”. The late took part in national epics with the Tayeb Sadikki theatre, including “Al Massira Al Khadrrae” and “Al Maghrib ouahed”. He managed to stand out in several Moroccan and international cinematographic works including “Rasif Al Sekka”, “Al Marhoume” and many others.



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