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“The art of the Mogadorians” celebrated through a collective exhibition

“Dar Souiri”, the emblematic space of the Cité des Alizés, hosted on Tuesday the opening of an exhibition celebrating “the art of the Mogadorians” of the city of Essaouira.

Initiated in collaboration with the Essaouira-Mogador Association, this colorful exhibition, which will continue until July 17, invites plastic arts enthusiasts and the many visitors, Moroccan and foreign, to the Cité des Alizés during this summer period. , to discover and appreciate the latest works and creations by Souiris artists Chama Attar, Noureddine Hajjaj and Abdellah Rbia.

Through their works, visual artists highlight “Authenticity and diversity in the artistic movement in Essaouira”.

These painters indicated that this exhibition, which is not their first collective experience, allows them to re-establish contact with the public and art enthusiasts after a long period of shutdown due to the economic situation induced by the spread. of the Covid-19 pandemic, which has undermined all artistic activity like other sectors.

They did not fail to greet, in a statement to the MAP, “The initiative of the Essaouira-Mogador Association which continues to encourage artists by providing them with the exhibition space” Tayeb Saddiki “in” Dar Souiri “to shed light on their recent creations and highlight before the diversity of themes addressed by their exhibited works ”.

For his part, Ahmed Harrouz, member of the Essaouira-Mogador Association and painter, stressed that ” it is by effect and historical heritage that we recognize and appreciate the authentic pictorial artistic language of the artists of Essaouira, whose brushes are deceived in a whole culture of this city ”.

It is also through “The diversified mediations among these artists, women and men, that we recognize and savor the originalities of each of them, according to his personal style and his way of singing the Mogadorian hymn of peace and aesthetic “, he explained.

“Known among the forerunners of this artistic wave, which was already nourished – during the 1950s – on living together and on the exchange between Souiris artists of different faiths, they reassure us even more of what is transmitted throughout history. to other young artists in Mogador ”, he added.

According to him, “It is their persistence and incessant artistic and associative activism, which preserve the spirit of this originality and keep alive the flame of art in Mogador and the passion to nourish it with the diversity of our region”.




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