the ANP is positioned at the southern borders of the Kingdom

the ANP is positioned at the southern borders of the Kingdom

Physically, the 19th edition of the “African Lion” exercise began its course on Monday. Indeed, an opening ceremony announcing the official launch of the Joint Multinational Exercise “African Lion” in the presence of representatives of participating countries was organized this Monday morning at the headquarters of the General Staff of the South Zone in Agadir.

In doing so, the senior senile next door puffs out his chest to the east of our borders. The fellow with his habitual delusional and chronic psychosis characterized by an obvious discordance of thought with the report of the outside world saw fit to round up his troops to “station” them on the side of Hammaguir. For the decor, it is a nuclear space base of colonial France located a hundred kilometers south-west of Colomb-Béchar. For the record, this is where the first French satellite, baptized Asterix, took off in a rocket.

That said, if the ANP does us the honor of positioning itself not far from the Moroccan border, it is because the general in diapers, Chenegriha and his alter “under” ego the president with the unpronounceable name wanted it that way . Indeed, we owe this unprecedented decision to deploy Algerian military forces of all categories to the last High Security Council which initially brought together a few other senile generals handpicked. It is even said in a whisper that the Algiers regime is initiating an action plan for a military stopover next fall. It is indeed that in September the grapes turn red from the nose and that the sand becomes cold as the poet would say.

The ANP, which has not yet released its new toys from the far north, explains this turn by the acceleration of Moroccan military operations carried out against the militias of the Polisario front beyond the “wall of sands” separating the Moroccan part of the Sahara from the zone occupied by its troublions of proteges and which sometimes spoof with the Algerian borders. For the senile regime in Algiers, it is the fault of Moroccan drones and the new high-tech and precision aerial equipment provided by Israel.

Equipment that regularly violates Algerian borders to spy on or monitor Algerian armed units, Sic! And the find as a parade to a risk of telescoping between the “means of anti-aircraft defense of Algeria” and the armed drones of Morocco with “offensive character” seems inevitable according to the general in layers who predicted violent fights between the separatists and the Moroccan Armed Forces (FAR) after the ceasefire in Algeria broke down. For the time being, these fights remain limited on the paper of the APS or the APZ & consorts who give us a good ten per day.

The “Algerian defense” budget has almost tripled and 80% of the military equipment imported since 2017 comes from Russia, with which the ANP is increasing naval and other exercises very close to Morocco, such as that of last November “desert shield” made in Algeria. Indeed maneuvers with the Russian Army near the Moroccan border in Tindouf, as a tactical exercise with live ammunition took place. It was a show of force in response to African Lion which takes place annually.

On this occasion, according to the FAR press release, the theme of the American-Moroccan exercise and the various activities on the program for this 19th edition of African were presented in Agadir, one of which, in particular, was dedicated to the operational planning exercise. for the executives of the General Staffs of the “Task Force”. The land, sea, air and combined tactical exercises, day and night, a combined special forces exercise, airborne operations, the military field hospital providing surgical-medical services for the benefit of the population, and the fight against weapons of mass destruction are not left out and are also on the agenda.

African Lion is scheduled to take place in seven regions of Morocco, namely: Agadir, Tan-Tan, Mehbes, Tiznit, Kenitra, Benguerir and Tifnit, the “African Lion 2023” exercise remains an annual meeting which contributes to consolidating the Moroccan-American military cooperation and also to strengthen the exchange between the armed forces of different countries in order to promote security and stability in the region, concludes the FAR press release.


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