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The annual report looks back on “an exceptional year 2021”

The Casablanca Stock Exchange has published its annual report which is a reference document which presents the figures and indicators of the past year and looks back on an exceptional year 2021.

Useful, meaningful and relevant», This is how Kamal Mokdad, Chairman of the Board of Directors, the Casablanca Stock Exchange describes in his introductory word for the 2021 Annual Report.

In his words, Mokdad discusses the new role granted to the Casablanca Stock Exchange by the New Development Model (NMD) which places it as a national priority and as a catalyst for economic recovery, in this case, a source of financing for businesses and a channel for investors’ savings “.

The Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Casablanca Stock Exchange also highlights the significant achievements of the year 2021. These are the facilitation of business financing and the popularization of stock market culture among the general public, among business and academia.

Emphasis was also placed by Kamal Mokdad on the contribution of the Casablanca Stock Exchange in the development of African capital markets, in particular through the organization of the 24th annual conference of the African Securities Exchanges Association (ASEA).

For his part, the Managing Director of the Casablanca Stock Exchange, Tarik Senhaji, qualified the year 2021 as exceptional in more ways than one. ” The market has proven its resilience with exceptional performance of its main indicators “, did he declare.

Thus, the report publishes various indicators, where we note that with 75 listed companies, the Casablanca Stock Exchange recorded in 2021 a market capitalization of 691 billion Dirhams and a transaction volume of 64 billion Dirhams.

For their part, and thanks to TGCC’s IPO and capital increase operations, the amounts raised reached 3 billion Dirhams during the year, the report states.

In addition to market figures, the annual report of the BC is rich in four interviews conducted with its senior executives. These interventions, each addressing the scope of actions of the interviewee, return to the highlights of the year 2021, the challenges faced as well as the development prospects for the year 2022.

For his part, the Director of Market Operations, Ahmed Arharbi, discussed, among other things, the progress of the structuring project for the establishment of the futures market and the clearing house, while Mohamed Saad, Deputy General Manager in in charge of the Resources Division, returned to the resilience of the technological platform as well as the operational excellence adopted by the company which he qualifies, in passing, as one of the most innovative stock exchanges on the African continent.

Finally, Badr Benyoussef, Strategy & Transformation Director addressed issues related to the reflection on the new 2022 strategy and the new communication approach adopted which have been shaped in such a way as to increase the national and regional influence of the Casablanca Stock Exchange, while Sana Jamai, Human Capital & Support Director shed light on the new Human Resources policy of the Casablanca Stock Exchange.




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