The AMPDP organizes, in July, a demonstration against corruption

The AMPDP organizes, in July, a demonstration against corruption

Under the motto ” Link responsibility to accountability“, the National Office of the Moroccan Association for the Protection of Public Funds (AMPDP) announced the organization of a protest sit-in in front of Parliament on July 15, 2023. This event aims to fight against corruption and the plunder of public funds by requiring real political will. All stakeholders, including political parties, trade unions, rights defenders and community organizations engaged in the fight against corruption, are invited to participate in this event.

In a statement, including MoroccoLatestNews UK holds a copy, the Association expresses its deep concern about the disengagement of the government in its constitutional and political role in the fight against corruption and the looting of public funds. She denounces “the protection of illicit profits and conflicts of interest, as well as the non-criminalization of illicit enrichment, the lack of revision of the law on the declaration of assets, the suspension of the national strategy for the fight against corruption and the absence of laws governing public life“. In addition, she criticizes the partisan and clientelist approach in appointments to certain positions “.

In this sense, the defenders of public funds call on political parties and trade union organizations to return the public funds granted to them and to play their full role in the fight against corruption and the waste of public funds. They also call on them to assume their social responsibility, to promote the values ​​of citizenship, democracy and to oppose all forms of illicit profits in public life.

The Association also urges political parties and trade unions to take disciplinary action against their members suspected of corruption rather than supporting and defending them. It also calls on the public prosecutor’s office to take legal action against political and trade union officials who have misappropriated public funds and manipulated supporting documents.

Furthermore, the Board of the Association welcomes the dismantling of the speculation network in Casablanca and hopes that other networks will also be dismantled in other cities, with sanctions against those involved. The same source points out that corruption and bribery in the judiciary threaten legal and judicial security, and require firm intervention to combat these repugnant practices that undermine the integrity and credibility of the judiciary.

Thus, the Association insists on the need to review the criteria for appointing judicial officials by favoring competence and integrity, to improve the material and social conditions of judges and registry officials, and to provide all the necessary conditions to ensure judicial efficiency and justice.

The Office also emphasizes the importance of prosecuting corruptors and thieves of public funds, regardless of their position or function, by seizing their assets and issuing dissuasive judgments against them. It also calls for the acceleration of inquiries, investigations and trials related to cases of corruption, embezzlement and looting of public funds, including the files transmitted by the Court of Auditors to the Attorney General.

While stressing the need for a coherent and integrated legal system to prevent corruption, illicit profit and misappropriation, the Office also proposes the adoption of a law prohibiting anyone suspected of corruption according to official reports or legal proceedings to hold public office. He also urges to end the policy of impunity and to link responsibility with accountability.

In conclusion, the Bureau warns against the transformation of corruption and fraud into a dangerous social structure and phenomenon. In this regard, it calls for the development of educational programs aimed at promoting the values ​​of probity, fairness and equality. It also underlines the responsibility of the media, especially the public sector, in raising awareness of the dangers of corruption and embezzlement, by providing sustainable and continuous programmes. The strengthening of governance institutions and the activation of their official reports are also highlighted.

Finally, the Office denounces the attempts of the conservative current and the beneficiaries of corruption and profit to restrict serious civil society, thus hindering its role in the fight against corruption and embezzlement.


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