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The AMMC publishes the 1st edition of the report “The capital market in figures”

The Moroccan Capital Market Authority announced on Monday the publication of the first edition of the report “The capital market in figures”, a support which provides annual statistics relating to this market.

Intended for market professionals and the general public, the report sets itself the fundamental objectives of tracing the main quantified indicators of the capital market for the year 2021 and of providing figures produced and held exclusively by the AMMC, indicates a press release from the Authority.

This first edition of the report thus reviews the key market figures for the year 2021. The statistical indicators cited concern, among other things, capital raising, the stock market, asset management and custody of securities.

Through the publication of this report, the AMMC allows market players to inquire about the figures for the year 2021 before the publication of its annual report.

The Autorité wishes to include this report among its regular publications and provide a preliminary reading angle by offering an overall view of the markets.




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