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The Algerian regime provokes a demonstration hostile to Morocco in France

A demonstration of Algerians was organized in Paris this Sunday, to call France to order on the occasion of the anniversary of the signing of the Evian agreements, on March 19, 1962. The rally initially wanting to provoke the France, overflowed to attack Morocco.

Calls to join the Algerian pro-regime demonstration have multiplied to push Algerians to criticize and denounce “the political and media offensive carried out almost daily against Algeria and its people to destabilize them” in France, according to Algerian media.

The rally turned into a demonstration insulting France, Moroccans and the symbols of Morocco, and singing glory to the military regime. “Djich, chaab, khawa khawa” (the army, the people are brothers), they launched, in resonant antagonism to the Hirak demonstrations in Algeria which called for democracy and civil power.

In a new drift and provocation towards Morocco and France, the weakened Algerian power and without internal credit of Abdelmadjid Tebboune, had to mobilize Algerians residing in France to sign new evidence against itself.

The Algerian regime, unable to federate in Algeria since the coming to power of Abdelmadjid Tebboune, pushed by the military and without the agreement of the people, has resolved to pay Algerians uprooted in France to insult the country which welcomes them and pays them social allowances.

On videos relayed on social networks, key personalities of this regime appeared trying to repeat anti-Moroccan songs to the public present. Among them was the famous Algerian sent by the services to sow discord in Qatar during the 2022 World Cup, by insulting Morocco and African countries. They were a group of Algerians sent to heckle and film their performance during the organization of the World Cup when Algeria did not qualify.

This Sunday, Place Colonnel Fabien in Paris, insults and racist songs against Morocco and the Moroccan people, like those repeated during the Local Championship (CHAN) organized in Algeria, were chanted in France by Algerians.

“Give him bananas, give him bananas, the Moroccan is an animal”, chanted Algerians of all ages, including elderly women, going so far as to speak of “tomatoes” to underline the rise in prices of this vegetable in Morocco.

03/19/2023 FOLLOW-UP | From the smallest to the biggest ! After the young girl initiated into hatred of Morocco, here are Algerian mothers 🇩🇿 who also shout that Moroccans are animals.
If mothers are like that, in what environment will children 🇩🇿 grow up? pic.twitter.com/nONe5sRKG2

— 🇲🇦🇲🇦 (@maghrib_awalan) March 19, 2023

Official Algerian television media knowingly stole footage from Moroccan media to mount false reports adopting a truncated account of the reality of events in Morocco. This determination to show a bad image of Morocco, by reporting only fake news and pejorative information, is an integral part of the daily life of the Algerian media and the content served to the Algerian population, a large part of whom is illiterate and illiterate, is influenced .

Racist chants equating Moroccans with monkeys, however, find their origin in Algerian markets where bananas cost more than meat, making their acquisition almost impossible for a majority of the population.

These racist slogans were the subject of an appeal to the Confederation of African Football (CAF) following the anti-Morocco events that took place during the CHAN in Algeria. Morocco was deprived of playing the competition because of the Algerian regime which refused to open its airspace to the plane carrying the national players.

“We always try to give a bad image of the Algerians, but that’s the Algerians! Look, there is everything, even small ones,” said an Algerian internet user in a video filmed on the spot.

03/19/2023 FOLLOW-UP |
“We always try to send bad images of the 🇩🇿, but look that’s the 🇩🇿”


“a3telo lbanane a3telo lbanane, lmroki 7ayawan” (=Give him bananas, give him bananas, Moroccan 🇲🇦 is an animal)

CC @CherifSeghrouch pic.twitter.com/AFF2LDwm43

— 🇲🇦🇲🇦 (@maghrib_awalan) March 19, 2023

Despite all this relentlessness and this media bombardment accusing Morocco of all the internal evils in Algeria, going so far as to impute the responsibility for the fires in Kabylie to Morocco last summer, the Algerian population does not seem to fall into hatred of Morocco . Indeed, during the World Cup in Qatar, the Algerians encouraged the Moroccan team.

Thus it was unthinkable and unimaginable to see anti-Morocco slogans in the presence of members of the Polisario separatists in Algeria and even less a pro-military demonstration. The names of the unpopular Abdelmadjid Tebboune, of the army chief Said Chengriha, and songs acclaiming the military in power were sung by this group of Harkis (collaborators during the Algerian war).

“Tell France that we are not Moroccans”, they chanted again to mean that the Algerians would be, according to them, tough guys who would not be afraid of France. The crowd of Algerians carrying Algerian flags and chanting messages openly hostile to France was not, however, repressed by police officers as were the demonstrations against the pension reform.



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