The Akhannouch Government is committed to developing a low-carbon industry that generates jobs

“The government will activate a plan that aims to develop an industry carbon-free, generator of jobs and capable of improving its global competitiveness, ”said the Head of Government, Aziz Akhannouch, on Monday, before the two Chambers of Parliament, meeting in plenary on the occasion of the presentation of the government program.

The issue of decarbonization and the competitiveness of Moroccan industry is now at the heart of the government program for the five-year term which has just started. At least that is what the commitments of Head of Government Aziz Akhannouch reflect during the government statement on Monday before Parliament.

After promising that his team will activate a plan that aims to develop an industry that generates jobs, low-carbon and capable of improving its global competitiveness, the Head of Government detailed his roadmap in this wake.

With regard to tourism and crafts, “the government will work on the implementation of a recovery plan aimed at supporting actors, promoting Moroccan products and upgrading training, in coordination with actors of these two sectors, hard hit by the health crisis, ”he said.

“The government will also work to stimulate other service sectors, including the housing sector, in order to revive the national economy and provide decent housing for women citizens,” Akhannouch said.

Improvement of the exportable offer

As a good manager that he is, the Head of Government insisted on the need to ensure outlets for Moroccan supply and to make external demand a lever for growth.

“The government will replace additional efforts to strengthen foreign trade and promote national exports as a lever for growth and development, and make the national economy and Moroccan business competitive in this area, in particular by targeting markets and diversified partners in order to preserve the sustainability of this sector, ”he stressed.

In terms of public investment, major investment plans in the health and education sectors represent a strong strategic option for enhancing human capital and building integrated and productive systems to strengthen the sovereignty of our country, create employment opportunities and increase national added value.

Noting that “the strengthening of the competitiveness of the national economy is the main objective of the economic transformation envisaged by the government”, the Head of the government went straight to the problems which hamper the development of investment.

Clarification of the legal framework for investment

Among other commitments, Akhannouch specified that “the clarification of the legislative framework and the improvement of the business climate, in particular by accelerating the publication of the National Investment Charter, constitute the real bases for ensuring the effectiveness and efficiency of the plan. economic transformation adopted by the government ”.

Among the measures that the government intends to introduce in this vein, Akhannouch cited “the establishment of clear and stable rules which guarantee equal opportunities for all economic actors by bypassing the administrative and regulatory barriers which hinder the healthy growth of the economy. ‘economy’.

And to insist on the need “to devote the role of monitoring and legalization bodies and to improve their independence for greater competitiveness, especially in strategic sectors of the State”.

The empowerment of women through the promotion of economic activity has not been left out. In fact, the government has undertaken within this framework to implement a proactive policy of support for the economic activity of women.

“The key measure of this policy is to finance the program to develop the national supply of crèches, and to stimulate professional mobility, in order to serve women who are active or wish to exercise a professional activity,” he said. declared.



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