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The 8th Book Fair for children and young people under the sign of water

The regional directorate of the Ministry of Culture is organising, from November 23 to 27, the 8th edition of the Children’s and Youth Book Fair, under the sign: “In water, there is life…” with the participation of 17 exhibitors offering a range of books for children and young people.

The program for this 8th edition will be enriched with a series of around 40 cultural and artistic activities, exhibitions, plays and music concerts for young people, in several thematic spaces set up for this purpose (creativity, entertainment, reading, inventiveness) supervised by specialists, civil society actors, artists and teachers, said the regional management in a press release.

Also on the menu is a “children’s literature prize”, adds the press release, noting that this meeting is part of the policy of the Ministry of Youth, Culture and Communication aimed at supporting books and encouraging and generalize reading among young people and children.

The theme of this edition “In water, there is life…” is inspired by the royal orientations to deal with water stress and to rationalize water consumption, the statement said. This choice also comes in response to the climate change that the whole world is experiencing, the shortage of precipitation and the decline in water reserves.

The Fair aims both to make books available to the public, especially young people and students, to encourage young people to read through the awarding of prizes, and to promote interaction between authors and publishers, details the direction.

It also aims to create a cultural dynamic in the metropolis through a cultural program parallel to the activities of the show (art workshops, plays, storytelling, highlighting the national heritage, etc.)

The 8th Children’s and Youth Book Fair is held with the support of the Directorate of Books, Libraries and Archives and the Directorate of the Arts, in collaboration with the Professional Union of Moroccan Publishers and the OCP Group , under the supervision of the prefecture of the districts of Anfa.



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