The 2022 PLF seen by Istiqlalien economists

As part of the government majority, the Istiqlal party delivered its recommendations regarding the 2022 Finance Bill.

As part of its active monitoring of the economic and social situation of our country, the Alliance of Istiqlaliens Economists (AEI) delivered its reading of the 2022 Finance Bill, of which it applauded the “great social impact“. In this sense, it advocated greater voluntarism in terms of growth outside agriculture, support for sectors in difficulty, promotion of investment, advanced regionalization and support for the purchasing power of the middle class.

This project is the first of a new government newly installed with a new and collected majority. It is marked by clear royal guidelines, in particular with regard to the generalization of social protection and health, food, industrial and energy sovereignty.“, Argued the AEI at first.

In a context marked by the global pandemic crisis, the AEI believes that the expectations of citizens and businesses are important in terms of economic and social recovery, followed by vital issues for a sustainable and inclusive development of our country.

Hypotheses “very careful», Bearers of a wide range of skills

Assuming that the 2022 PLF is based on very cautious assumptions, the AEI considers that it remains the bearer of a set of achievements that it has well underlined in its press release.

Among its achievements, the AEI retains the end of austerity, with a significant envelope of 245 billion DHS dedicated to public investment, the start of the effective deployment of generalized social protection, the desire to accelerate the energy transition by introducing the principle of “polluter pays», At the same time as the creation of a department dedicated to energy transition within the government or the priority given to employment, in particular that of young people with the launch of the Awrach program.

Likewise, the AEI also retains the relaunch of the Intelaka program and the Forsa initiative that occurred in the PLF, while pursuing sectoral strategies that generate jobs and stabilize certain prices of products subsidized by the increase in the budgets of the compensation and finally the introduction of the principle of minimum income to reach 1000 dirhams over 3 years and allow the poorest to receive a minimum living, thus reducing their dependence on others.

The dark side of the PLF 2022

On the other hand, the economic branch of the Istiklal party draws attention to certain aspects of the PLF 2022, in particular “the growth rate used (3.2%), which is aligned with those of the years preceding the crisis and which does not herald either breaks with respect to the past or sufficiently positive signals to economic operators», Raises the AEI.

The same alliance draws attention to the announcement of an ambitious rate of growth excluding agriculture which, according to it, would be more stimulating for economic operators having to be part of a collective logic of recovery.

There is also the insufficiency of fiscal and budgetary measures for the benefit of sectors strongly impacted by the current crisis (tourism and dependent activities, culture, housing, certain export activities, etc.), warns the AEI, or even the abolition the progressivity of the corporate tax which is out of step with the spirit of the framework law on taxation and the orientations of the New Development Model, specifies the same source.

What the AEI offers

As part of its careful follow-up to the discussions relating to the 2022 finance bill (PLF) in the first chamber, as well as the amendments adopted at the end of this first examination, the AEI delivered several recommendations.

This is the adoption of support measures for sectors strongly affected by the COVID-19 crisis, in particular tourism, cultural and craft activities, housing and certain export sectors, according to the AEI, which strongly recommends the organization of the Made in Morocco fair from 2022.

In addition, the AEI recommends taking measures allowing finance companies, in particular by leasing, to extend by 24 months the deadlines set before proceeding with the seizure of the financed goods. A condition to be applied on a case-by-case basis, particularly to companies impacted by the crisis, particularly in tourism, passenger transport and construction, pending the long-awaited recovery, she said.

The AEI also recommends the acceleration of the exit from the investment charter, diversifying the tools and strengthening the means of promoting the Morocco offer to investors, national and international while ensuring the implementation, on time, the national strategy for strengthening drinking water and irrigation resources in its various components.

It is also a question of activating the agri-food program contract and the logistics plan, considers the AEI, and operationalizing the advanced regionalization more quickly, in particular in terms of deconcentration and streamlining of procedures, thus allowing regional councils deploy their development plans on time.

The same alliance recommends encouraging the Regions to create regional investment funds as a tool to encourage directly productive investments and create jobs in their territories, through public-private partnerships and ensure the effective realization of investments. public, planned under the PLF 2022, in particular those which have an immediate and direct impact on the revival of economic growth and job creation.

To conclude, the AEI recommends introducing and adopting the amendments making it possible to further protect the purchasing power of citizens, in particular those of the middle class, and the competitiveness of our companies, against the price increases that our country is undergoing.

According to the AEI, these adjustments would enable the effective implementation of the New Development Model roadmap in accordance with the High Royal Guidelines from 2022.



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