The 2022 PLF expects economic growth of 3.2%

Here are the main figures contained in the intervention of the Minister of Economy and Finance, Nadia Fettah Alaoui, who presented, Monday in Rabat, the main lines of the Finance Bill (PLF) 2022 during a joint session of the two Houses of Parliament:

– The PLF for the 2022 financial year expects economic growth of 3.2%, taking into account the recovery of the world economy, particularly in the euro zone and on the basis of the assumptions of a cereal harvest of 80 million quintals (Mqx) and an average price of butane gas of 450 dollars / tonne.

– Tax resources will have to increase by 27 billion dirhams (billion dirhams) and innovative financing will have to generate 12 billion dirhams while the privatization revenues will have to mobilize 8 billion dirhams in the state budget.

– The PLF expects a budget deficit of 5.9%, against 6.2% under the 2021 finance law.

– Creation of 250,000 direct jobs in two years from 2022. A budget of 2.25 billion dirhams is provided for by the PLF.

– The PLF aims to breathe new life into the Intelaka program, notably through the launch of the “Al Forssa” program which aims to grant 50,000 loans in 2022 with an overall budget estimated at MAD 1.25 billion.

– The PLF proposes to revise down the corporate tax (IS) to 27% instead of 28% for industrial companies whose profits are less than 100 million dirhams (MDH). The minimum contribution rate will have to go from 0.5% to 0.45%.

– The PLF provides for 9 billion dirhams of additional funds for the health and education sectors, of which 5 billion dirhams will be allocated to the upgrading of hospitals and teacher training centers and university establishments as a priority.

– The PLF plans to allocate an annual budget of 500 MDH to associations working in the field of disability from 2022 and an amount of 250 MDH will be allocated in 2022 to support nurseries.



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