The 1st Made In Morocco meetings to promote Moroccan brands

The first edition of the Made In Morocco meetings will be held on June 27, 2022 in Casablanca, under the aegis of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce. Dedicated to the promotion of Moroccan brands and made in Morocco, these meetings have chosen the theme “Moroccan brands, pillar of economic sovereignty”.

This major event aims, according to its initiators, to launch the debate around the importance of made in morocco, through a cycle of conferences-debates, led by experts, officials and business leaders.

Indeed, in an increasingly turbulent and uncertain international context, it is now becoming obvious, even essential, to strengthen economic resilience by relying on national actors. The Covid-19 crisis has shown that food security, for example, depends first on the existence of a network of local producers and a pool of national brands capable of ensuring a regular and healthy supply. steps.

At the financial level, the existence of a strong and committed banking sector alongside major national causes has made it possible to meet the challenge of social cohesion and to come to the aid of the most vulnerable strata, which has made it possible to absorb the shock of the Covid without too much damage. The same reasoning can be held regardless of the sector analyzed and the market studied: telecoms, health, industry, etc.

This shows the importance of promoting national brands and made in Morocco, both to secure local consumption but also with the aim of strengthening the competitiveness of Moroccan companies, with a view to conquering new markets abroad. export. The Russia-Ukraine war is there to support this diagnosis and accentuate the urgency of making the promotion of made in Morocco a national priority.

Several axes will be debated on this occasion, in particular economic sovereignty, an imperative of the post-covid world, made in Morocco at the heart of the national ambition for industrial take-off, Moroccan brands, lever of export competitiveness, this Morocco that wins, success stories from home, Telecom sovereignty: towards the relocation of data centers, SMEs, an inexhaustible breeding ground for innovation made in Morocco, and health sovereignty, the public-private winning couple.



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