The 14th Atlas Lions lose another place

The 14th Atlas Lions lose another place

FIFA published this Thursday, July 20 the updated world ranking. The national team fell to 14th place, losing another place compared to the last ranking, a decline which is justified by the absence of any meeting in July.

At the same time, Mexico (+2) gleaned points thanks to their success in the CONCACAF Gold Cup, and slipped in the rankings at the expense of Morocco and Switzerland.

lost two places in the FIFA rankings, updated this Thursday, July 20. The Atlas Lions, who did not play a match during the month of July, are victims of Mexico’s success in .

However, the Atlas Lions remain the continental leader, with 1655.5 points, ahead of Senegal (18th), Tunisia (31st), Algeria (33rd) and Egypt (34th).

The Top 10 knows no change. Argentina is still on the throne of world football ahead of France (2nd) and Brazil (3rd) who make up the top three. Then come England (4th), Belgium (5th) and Croatia (6th).

The next world ranking will be published on September 21, 2023.


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