Tetouan: The forest fire in Bni Hassan under control

Intervention teams succeeded on Friday in containing the fire recorded in the forest area of ​​the commune of Beni Layeth (caïdat of Bni Hassan) in the province of Tetouan, local authorities said.

Interventions on the ground are currently focusing on the treatment and control of the remaining fires and on the prevention of fire risks, said the same source.

About 500 hectares of forest cover have been ravaged by fire, local authorities observe, adding that no human loss is to be deplored.

Intervention teams made up of the Civil Protection, Water and Forests, Royal Gendarmerie, Auxiliary Forces, local authorities, national promotion agents and volunteers from the region were mobilized to control the fire, supported by technical and aerial resources and equipment.

The local authorities noted that 46 families from three douars were evacuated in a preventive manner in order to ensure the safety of the inhabitants of the Douars near the burned forests.



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