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Tenacious cash frustrates digital processing performance

Tenacious, the culture of “cash” remains deeply rooted in Moroccan customs. To remind us, in daily transactions, it prevents the generalization of the use of technological solutions for mobile performance in Morocco.

If we stick to the data of Bank Al-Maghrib, it was noted an increase in the volume of “cash” exchanges, which amounted to nearly 319 billion dirhams last year, an increase 20% compared to 2019. The number of electronic wallets opened under the mobile performance system in Morocco is around 2.44 million, of which 2.14 million are issued by performance institutions.

Marouane Harmach, expert in the field of digital solutions and Associate Director of the consultor firm (www.consultor.ma), told MoroccoLatestNews that “ a number of factors hinder the dissemination of performance solutions by telephone in Morocco, in particular the culture of the use of cash favored by local consumers as well as the absence of incentive offers to encourage customers to move towards solutions performance like mobile phone “.

Harmach indicated, that ” the conservative nature of the Moroccan banking system prevents the spread of means of payment by telephone, in addition to the high fees that are imposed on this type of smart financial transactions, which requires finding effective solutions in order to stimulate the development of this service which should contribute to the digital development of Morocco “. Finally, Marouane Harmach continued by specifying “ that the performance by telephone is one of the realistic solutions which should contribute to reducing the use of “cash”, which by the way, increased considerably during the period of the Corona pandemic “.

Taoufik Aboudia founder and partner at Webpick, Webpick.info and co-founder and CEO at Emerging Business Factory, Moroccan expert in the field of smart digital solutions, more optimistic also told MoroccoLatestNews that “ Morocco has made enormous progress in the field of legal regulation of performance by telephone, as part of the strategy it has adopted to ensure the achievement of financial inclusion “.

Aboudia further indicated that the adoption of intelligent digital solutions “ will help Morocco reduce the costs of producing and circulating banknotes, develop the digital economy in many vital sectors, as well as reduce the digital divide in society “.




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