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Tebboune’s neither war nor peace with Morocco!

Can we imagine a media outing by Algerian President Abdelamajid Tebboune without mentioning Morocco? No. It has become a compulsory rubric, a trademark whose intensity reflects the political mood of the moment. Today Morocco is in the crosshairs of Algerian hatred. Tebboune is responsible for being the most spectacular vehicle.

There is a constant fact in the political positioning of Algerian President Abdelamjid Tebboune, it is his insistence on magnifying his hostility against Morocco. Even if the context seems anachronistic, while nothing indicates a particular tension, it maintains a rupture and a mistrust with regard to Morocco.

This anti-Moroccan obsession has become President Tebboune’s label of governance. Impossible to imagine him talking about Morocco otherwise than in logic, aggressiveness and confrontation. And even when it happens to the Algerian diplomacy, cornered by questions from journalists, to speak of conditions for reconciliation with Morocco, it poses such fanciful ones that it is impossible to imagine putting them into practice.

The Algerian president’s latest media outing was no exception. Relations between Algeria and Morocco have reached a point of no return, he said in a martial tone. This declaration is to be added to that which he had already given to Le Figaro according to which the rupture of relations with Morocco was an alternative to war.

The Algerian president is behaving as if Morocco were in urgent need of reconciliation with the Algerian regime. On each occasion, the latter finds an enjoyable pleasure, wanting to be sadistic, to oppose the outstretched hand of Morocco.

Since Tebboune came to power, the relationship with Morocco has openly become an issue of internal politics in Algeria. In addition to the fact that this tension maintained with the Moroccan neighbor is used by the Algerian military institution as an argument for national unity, it also serves to create a permanent external enemy likely to capture the anger and frustration of Algerian citizens.

Alongside this structuring aggressiveness towards Morocco, Tebboune and his regime shut themselves up in an explosive diplomatic autism towards regional crises. With regard to Spain, Algiers continues to maintain the fantasy of a decline of the Spanish government on the recognition of Morocco’s sovereignty over its Sahara. Although Madrid sends multiple signals that its decision and its choices on the Sahara are irreversible, the Algerian regime persists in selling to its opinion the idea of ​​an ephemeral and temporary Spanish perception.

Algiers maintains with regard to Spain the same mythology that it had nourished with regard to the American positioning, initiated by the Republican Donald Trump and confirmed by the Democrat Joe Biden.

Another form of offbeat diplomatic sentiment is the idea defended by President Tebboune that his country is capable of mediating between Russia and Ukraine. This exit is to be put in the same basket of Algerian oddities as when the Algerian president had declared without laughing that Algeria was the cradle of all European democracies. Which had had the gift of triggering a gigantic outburst of sarcasm in social networks.

In this tone, how can a country which does not even manage to provide its population with a can of oil and a pack of milk and which raves about having imported Italian Fiât 500s, dream of playing the leading roles? in the concert of world diplomacy?

It is precisely this black comedy side in the multiple outings of the Algerian president that make all the threatening tones with regard to Morocco to be taken in the second degree. If it is true that within the Algerian army there are forces that dream of fighting militarily with Morocco, the decision to start the war fortunately does not belong to the Algerian presidency.

Faced with so many provocations, Morocco has chosen not to fall into this trap. He does not comment on these incendiary outings and limits himself to showing his availability for dialogue and political compromise. For the actors of the international community, the Algerian regime appears in its aggressive and pyromaniac posture… threatening the region with instability and chaos.. while Morocco appears as the power which calls for calm and compromise..

The point of no return announced by President Tebboune is part of this arsenal of diplomatic gestures of a regime that has trouble recognizing its failures and its loneliness. He has even more difficulty in recognizing the Moroccan diplomatic performances which make the great powers align themselves with the political solution he recommends to this regional discord that has become the Sahara crisis between Morocco and Algeria.



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