Teachers extend strike for fifth consecutive week as Ministry remains steadfast

Teachers extend strike for fifth consecutive week as Ministry remains steadfast

The public educational workforce has decided to prolong their nationwide strike, now entering its fifth week. 

The strike is set to last for three days, starting from Tuesday, 21, until Thursday, 23 in protest against the fundamental system.

Unions and educational bodies have issued calls for a three-day nationwide strike, accompanied by organized protests and marches in front of regional education directorates set for the second day of the strike at 10 a.m.

Abdellah Ghmimet, the general secretary of the National Federation of Education (FNE) said that a genuine dialogue begins by scrapping the regressive fundamental system. 

Ghmimet called for an apology to the education workforce, the withdrawal of all salary deduction measures for strikers, and the announcement of a general wage increase of at least MAD 3,000. 

Ghmimet emphasized the need to engage in a dialogue with all components of the union and protest movements within a month, addressing their general, sector-specific demands, and the fundamental system. 

The general secretary further added that the outcomes should be presented to national coordinating bodies and other stakeholders for discussion and feedback, with the final agreement signed after corrections are made based on the feedback received.

The National Coordination of Teachers and Support Staff, who have been subjected to contractual obligations, emphatically rejected the fundamental system. It called for its withdrawal, while condemning the repeated salary deductions due to strikes.

The Unified Coordination of Teaching Staff and Support Personnel in Morocco  strongly condemned what it termed the “irresponsible handling” of the crisis by the ministry, accusing it of misinformation and manipulation through public media.

The coordination reiterated its commitment to defending the demands of teachers and support staff through peaceful means, rejecting any destructive schemes that may undermine the demands of teachers and the education system.

The coordination criticized the involvement of entities with what they called investment capitalist backgrounds in dealing with public education sector issues.

The National Union of Education Workers (UNTM) affirmed its support for the educational workforce until their demands are met and said that it will continue to align itself with the struggle against the fundamental system.


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