Teachers declare four-day nationwide strike

Teachers declare four-day nationwide strike
Mounir Mehimdate

The unified coordination of teaching staff  in Morocco has declared a nationwide strike lasting four days, beginning today and extending until Thursday, November 16.

This escalation plan includes organized protests in front of regional directorates and academies on the morning of Wednesday, November 15.

The educational body urges all coordination organizations and individuals to support their demands, particularly the withdrawal of the controversial fundamental system. They also seek backing in defending the public school against privatization and linguistic choices.

Expressing dismay at the government’s “participatory approach,” the organization criticizes what it deems as media-driven confusion, leading to arbitrary decisions, including dismissing demands to withdraw the unjust basic system.

The decision contrasts with the National Coordination of Educational Workers, which announced a three-day strike from November 13 to 15, coinciding with the strike called by the “National Coordination of Professors and Support Frameworks.” The National Education Union limits its strike to November 15 and 16.


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