Taoufik unveils its contribution to investment and development

Taoufik unveils its contribution to investment and development

The Minister of Habous and Islamic Affairs, Ahmed Taoufiq, revealed during the oral question session in the House of Representatives on Monday a series of contributions and projects in which his ministry plays a main role in providing and mobilizing the necessary real estate.

Singled out as one of the most ” rich Due to the large number of properties he has in the four corners of the Kingdom, and criticized for his low participation in investment and the creation of development in the country, Ahmed Taoufiq listed the figures to silence the rumours.

In response to a question from the group of the Party of Progress and Socialism (PPS), Ahmed Taoufiq affirmed that the Ministry of Habous had undertaken six orientations so far, pointing out that it had pledged real estate of a area of ​​approximately ” one million and 67,000 hectares between 2008 and 2022.

The Minister added that his department had contributed to reducing the number of “indecent” housing and its spread by providing 500 equipped plots in seven provinces, thus confirming that the partnership with the public sector had made it possible to mobilize real estate of a area of ​​” 363,000 square meters, dedicated to the realization of 18 projects“.

In addition, Taoufiq pointed out that the Ministry of Habous had mobilized assets with an area of ​​70,957 square meters, intended for the realization of areas dedicated to economic, industrial, craft and commercial activities, particularly in the city of Tangier.

The government official also pointed out that the ministry had engaged in rehabilitation programs for ancient cities in the kingdom, which had resulted in a contribution of half a billion and 100 million dirhams (600 million dirhams), a contribution important to the ministry.

On the other hand, Mohamed Aouad, a member of the PPS group in the House of Representatives, believed that the Ministry of Habous could play a greater role in stimulating public and private investment in the country, calling for going beyond traditional methods.

Speaking to Ahmed Taoufiq, Aouad argued that ” real estate is important and fundamental in the process of public and private investment, because the management of the Habous can improve administrative procedures and take on more efficient roles than they currently take on“.

This member of the PPS group in parliament also added that the latest Habous code “ makes it possible to go beyond traditional methods without infringing their rights“, before pointing out that ” this code has not been implemented more broadly than it currently is, particularly in the areas of development and investment“.

This code is limited to real estate rental and division and partnership with certain sectors, and is limited“, confirmed the parliamentarian, confirming that “ these projects benefit from significant tax exemptions“.

We find that the Habous resort to legal proceedings against public administrations and poor local authorities“, Aouad continued, referring to the lawsuits that the ministry is bringing against a number of institutions and communes that control property and spaces relating to penitentiary affairs under the ministry.


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