Tangier: The exhibition of the artist Ernest Pignon-Ernest continues until November 30

The exhibition of the artist Ernest Pignon-Ernest continues until November 30 at the Galerie Delacroix of the French Institute in Tanger.

This exhibition, opened on October 1, is part of the 3rd edition of the Parcours des arts de Tanger, an event organized on the initiative of the French Institute of Morocco, Tangier site.

According to a press release from the French Institute in Tangier, Ernest Pignon-Ernest, one of the pioneers of urban art, is an outstanding draftsman who has been pasting life-size images of women and men on paintings for more than fifty years. walls of cities around the world, by revealing the forgotten in history, the socio-political issues and the symbolic depth of the places it occupies.

“Since the 1960s, and with a few decades ahead of all forms now listed as street art, Ernest Pignon-Ernest has led with astonishing availability, an adventure without other example, which combines technical mastery, existential probity and ability to poetically inhabit the world, ”said the same source.

His career succeeds the rare miracle of reconciling an ethical requirement, without concessions or denial, with a singular artistic expression, demanding and innovative, noted the press release, noting that some images of the artist, reproduced in hundreds of thousands of copies , have become true icons of modern times.

By the powerful and timeless style of his images, by the acuity of their inscription in reality (signifying choice of sites and moments), the interventions of Ernest Pignon-Ernest make the street a plastic, poetic, fictional space, reminiscent, and make places and time the work itself, giving them the character of readymades without going through the museum, added the same source.

The Delacroix gallery, a key player in cultural mediation and intercultural dialogue in Tangier, encourages and stimulates the discovery of young talents, while creating spaces for dialogue where exchanges and collaborations in the fields of art and disciplines of the mind.



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