Tangier National Film Festival celebrates cinema students’ productions

Tangier National Film Festival celebrates cinema students’ productions

The national film festival on Tangier « FNF » is celebrating young creative minds this year, with a category dedicated to school films, specially shorts. 

The competing films were presented in the vintage cinema Roxy. 

The first film is « A travers le viseur » (through the lense) by Soulaymane Benchakroun from the higher institute of audiovisual and cinema professions, ISMAC.

The movie tells the story of Rachid, who’s obsessed with capturing pictures of Leila, a young victim of verbal abuse, who he then tries to warn after discovering that she’s being followed.

The second film, called «Âme sanglante » (bloody souls), directed by Israe Tebiche, shows Mehdi living through an identity crisis, torn between living a decent life or accepting the hypocrisy surrounding him. Tebiche recently graduated from ISMAC. 

« Entre les murs » (between the walls) is directed by Abdelilah Massouari, from the specialized institute of cinema professions of Ouarzazate tells the story of Radia, a student who lost a large sum of money while studying away from her family, who’s father starts catching up on the fact that she’s hiding something.

From the faculty of literature and human sciences of Marrakech, Omar En-nadery is competing with “Women on screen: Soukayna Belghiti”.

The short documentary is about Soukayna, a camera operator who walks the viewer through her passion.

With a degree from Les Orangers in audiovisual techniques, Anas Zemati presented « The scarecrow », a short feature film about Said and Zineb’s pursuit of a better life.

Basma Wajib showed her original creation, Shahrazad’s offering », the story of Lamia, a painter losing herself in satanic rituals surrounded by a little girl called Shahrazad.

Mohamed Reda Jaafari, from the university Malek Saadi of Tetouan presented « Miloud », the intricate tale of Farah who’s life turns upside down when a baby shows up.

« Pako », directed by Abdelkhakek Rafiq, is about Bakir, who has worked in the cinema industry ever since he was a child.

From the Marrakech private institute of cinema, ESAV, Achraf Barhoumi participated with «Paris needed Texas. »

The story is about Malak, a 15 years old girl accompanying her father, an artist, until one day she finds herself alone.

Salma Jenhaji participated directed « Retour à Tansemt », (Returning to Tansemt), in which she documented going back to her grandfather’s village. 

Lastly, Souhail EL Youkady from IHB ART MEDIA, presented « Spirits Game », a story of a woman attempting to help her husband through a game of spirits.

At the last day of the festival, one of these students will be awarded with best short school film.


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