Tangier hosts the 3rd edition of the MEDCOP

Tangier hosts the 3rd edition of the MEDCOP

Under the patronage of King Mohammed VI, the 3rd edition of the MEDCOP on Mediterranean climate issues for Climate Action will be organized on June 22 and 23, 2023 in Tangier, by the Tangier Tetouan Al-Hoceima region and the Maison Méditerranéenne Foundation du Climat (MMC) on the generic theme “ MEDCOP, driver of climate action in the Mediterranean at local and regional levels“.

This Conference, which has received the support of several international organizations and ministerial departments, is being held in a global context characterized by chronic international tensions and exacerbated by the war in Ukraine, which has had disastrous consequences on both the economy global and local economies.

In such a deconstructive environment, where the world is recovering painfully from the Covid-19 crisis, climate change is not only a challenge to be taken into account because of the disruptions it produces, but also and above all requires support voluntary, committed and long-term by all actors in global society.

It is in this fluctuating general context that the Tangier Climate Forum is held, which succeeds the two previous editions of 2015 (Marseille, France) and 2016 (Tangier, Morocco). In a press release, the organizers explain that the guideline of the MEDCOP 2023 is precisely to contribute to establishing a Mediterranean dynamic based on the territories aimed at facing the challenges of climate change, to pursue and accelerate the cooperation of countries and regions around the Mediterranean around concrete projects supported by operational programmatic tools.

It is a question, in fact, of making every effort for the real implementation of the ” Marrakesh Partnership for Global Climate Action, underlines the same source, noting that in the long term, this action should lead to the organization of a conference in parallel with each COP in order to ensure the follow-up of the decisions taken and the projects initiated. on the occasion of each of its editions. This whole panoply of measures and concrete actions should be carried out with the direct and close involvement of local authorities as well as non-state actors from the countries of the South.

The MEDCOP 2023 in Tangier thus has the contextual objectives of reflecting on the issues of the moment and which the organizers summarize in six points. It is a question of contributing to building and consolidating a Mediterranean dynamic in the face of the challenges of climate change, accelerating efficient cooperation at all levels around concrete projects and the implementation of pragmatic operationalization tools, being an essential Mediterranean player in the concrete implementation of the Marrakech Partnership for Global Climate Action, to be part of a long-term proactive dynamic by organizing a conference before each COP and by ensuring the follow-up of the decisions and projects initiated and finally to promote more the participation of local authorities and non-state actors from the countries of the South in international initiatives in this area.

At the organizational level, the Tangier Forum will be structured in an opening session, 16 thematic conferences, a Business Forum, a Side Events (training sessions and B to B, think-tank at the university, meeting around the Medcop at the commune and other places in the city of Tangier) and a closing session. In addition, a solution pavilion will be dedicated during these two days of MECOP Tangier to the establishment of solution-stands related to the themes that will be addressed during this 3rd edition, the same source said.

The organizers also specify that during this Forum devoted to the Climate Change Challenge, axes of analysis and consultation will deal with the issues that highlight the issues of such a conference, in particular those of the regionalization of the agenda of the Marrakech partnership, the territorialisation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the territorial implementation of the UNFCCC Gender Action Plan (GAP) and the deployment of the New Urban Agenda.

Also, it should be noted that the MEDCOP is organized around eight thematic hubs: Resilient cities and territories, Sustainable food systems, Sustainable management of water resources & Blue economy, Energy transition, Women & Climate, Nature-based solutions, Climate migration, peace and security and decentralized cooperation and climate finance. The conference is also the ideal place for B to B meetings, exhibitions related to its objectives and the highlighting of solutions and training in relation to Climate Change.

Regarding the Mediterranean House of Climate (MMC), it is an institution familiar with the field of the fight against climate change. It was created in May 2018, by the Mediterranean Climate House Foundation (FMMC) following the recommendations of the MEDCOP 2016, and the effect of acting in the areas of climate change in the Mediterranean basin.

The MMC contributes to strengthening the power of action of Local Authorities and non-state actors, in terms of mitigation, adaptation and resilience to climate change, by supporting them in the implementation of climate agendas (global, regional , national and territorial.It is a reference Mediterranean institution in the fight against climate change and its effects.


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