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Tanger Med-Motril a “win-win” shipping line

The ports of Tangier Med and Motril have opened a new maritime route between Morocco and Spain dedicated to the transport of passengers and goods (freight). This is quite a symbol that illustrates the good relations between the two countries.

The route that was inaugurated last November 30 between the ports of Motril (near Granada) and Tangier, thanks to the company Balearia, will reinforce the lines already existing between Morocco and the Spanish peninsular coast. Motril is a city in the province of Granada in the autonomous community of Andalusia in Spain. It is the capital of the Costa Tropical. In addition to relieving maritime traffic especially in summer with Operation Marhaba, the new Motril-Tangier Med line and return is more potentially used in both directions for Spanish and Moroccan tourist transport.

That said, the Spanish company offers daily traffic of on its vessel “Volcán de Tauce” whose capacity is approximately 1,100 people and with a capacity of 1,100 linear meters of load. The ferry will weigh anchor each day from the port of Motril at noon bound for the Moroccan port of Tanger Med, which it will leave at midnight to return to its starting point. Furthermore, this maritime link, which was launched after a long period of waiting due to the Covid-19 pandemic, offers many advantages, as it also becomes another entry and exit door for goods traffic.

Indeed, exports represent for Motril, 42% of its sales opportunities. The Andalusian port also has lines that connect Nador and Al Hoceima. Also, this new connection will give a great economic impetus and a new range for the development of new import and export opportunities and will improve the economic and commercial conditions between the two shores.

Motril is characterized by being a commercial port, as well as a fishing and sports port, with direct accessibility thanks to good land communications and is considered a port of general interest for the Spanish State.

The regular line operates through the so-called “ro-ro” traffic, that is, the transport of trucks loaded with goods that leave Spain for export to Africa and vice versa in the opposite direction, towards Europe. Huge quantities of products pass from Morocco, from fruits and vegetables to the automotive sector and textiles. This new line which connects Morocco to the Peninsula was previously operated by the German company FRS until 2018. After the pandemic, the company stopped, because it no longer entered into its investments.

Currently, the Tanger Med port enclave, which extends over 1,000 hectares and is divided into several terminals as well as the passenger port, with boarding docks, control areas and the ferry terminal, is designed to attract more in addition to many companies, especially when dealing with large volumes of goods estimate Spanish media.

Maritime transport suddenly becomes one of its essential pillars, because this logistics hub is connected to 186 ports in the world and can handle nine million containers and seven million passengers. Also the reactivation of this maritime line with Morocco is a boon for passengers and a serious boost for the transport of goods.



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