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Talbi Alami calls to intensify the discussion between the different groups

The Speaker of the House of Representatives, Rachid Talbi Alami, called on Friday for all the finalized reports drawn up by the Thematic Working Groups in charge of the evaluation, as well as those drawn up by the deputies in charge of the exploratory missions, at the occasion of the opening of the second session of the second legislative year under the eleventh legislature.

The House of Representatives opened the work of its second session of the second legislative year in a national context marked by economic and social challenges, and as such Talbi Alami indicated that the work at the level of Parliament makes it possible to improve the work , to deepen the debate on the subjects subject to control, legislation or evaluation, and helps to manage parliamentary time in a more efficient and fluid way.

He added that one of the characteristics of the parliamentary system is that the Chamber continues to exercise its functions throughout the year, with the exception of plenary sessions, at the level of other organs such as the Bureau, the parliamentary Committees Permanent Missions, Thematic Working Groups and Exploratory Missions, in addition to external relations and parliamentary diplomacy.

Regarding the legislation, Talbi Alami indicated that the Permanent Parliamentary Committees have considered essential constitutive bills for the country to frame a new generation of reforms, citing bills relating to social security, health, health insurance, medicines, human resources working in the health sector and the central and territorial organization of the sector.

“These texts frame the major transformation that our country has launched in terms of social protection, the generalization of medical services and the facilitation of access for the entire population to these services, thus embodying the welfare state, being a royal project which enjoys high royal solicitude and which requires the involvement of everyone, given its nobility and its purposes”he said in a speech.

Regarding the reports of the parliamentary groups, the President of the House of Representatives called for more effort and more discussions between all the parliamentary groups, including the opposition.

In this respect, he praised the contribution of all the parliamentary groups and grouping to the dynamics of work observed during the interval between sessions, underlining the number of parliamentary questions which reflect the dynamics within the hemicycle.

Talbi Alami noted 880 parliamentary questions covering mostly topical issues, while written questions reached 856, and 18 bills presented.

“Institutions are the constitutional framework for managing disagreements and differences, dialogue and democracy being the way to solve all problems in all circumstances and conditions. Unity, which does not deny difference, pluralism and diversity, is undoubtedly our means of meeting the challenges that our country is facing in the context of current international transformations”recalled in this sense the president of the room.

Concerning the control of government action and relations with other constitutional institutions and governance bodies, Talbi Alami indicated that the permanent parliamentary committees examined during the interval of the sessions 16 themes, and examined several questions of news of interest to public opinion, in the presence of members of the government and heads of public institutions.

The Committees have examined, during more than 110 meetings, 220 topics since the beginning of the current Legislature, of which more than 60 are linked to the first Session and the interval between the two sessions of the second legislative year, he added.



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